TODAY is the BEST DAY of your LIFE!

This is a school assembly I did at my niece Megan’s school back when Order of the Ancient came out. It was a lot of fun – it focuses on the Power of Story, and the joy of childhood. Adults and Kids alike will enjoy the stories and entertainment. It was supposed to be an ‘author assembly’ – but instead of talking about my novel, I decided to talk about why stories are so powerful, and why we all are so drawn to stories, and inspire kids to enjoy every day… TODAY! ENJOY: If you want my novel, you can check out the website here, and order it here. There is also a group discussion guide available.

What Matters in the New Year

This is a video I shot as the year changed from 2010 to 2011… in answer to the question, “What Matters Most?” for an online video conference I was participating in that year. I thought I’d post it again this year, since the answer hasn’t changed… Make sure you prioritize the relationships in your life in 2013.

Christmas Cards and Memories of People

We still enjoy sending out a traditional Christmas Card greeting to a select list of family and friends – though it is a challenge every year! But it is a great opportunity to get updated addresses on people you know and love. But it also forces you to make tough choices too. Have we heard from them in while? Do they still live there? Are they still married? Have they ever written to us? Who are they, again? LOL Often you see a name and such fond memories come back. A smile appears on your face as you remember years of ministry together. Once in awhile you crack up laughing over something that happened. Sometimes sadness sinks in. They’re divorced. You were at their wedding. What went wrong? Other times you wonder, why haven’t we heard from them? What’s changed in their life? You hope they are doing OK. Life happens. Other people’s addresses change and their cards come back. You wonder if you’ll ever reconnect. Then there are those who pass away. Memories are all you’ll ever have. Until heaven, of course! Relationships and networks have only grown with the Internet, e-mail, and facebook and Twitter! (I suppose I …

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When There Are No Answers

I am the father of a kindergartner. I can not fathom the feelings and emotions of those who lost their children today. I have cried today. I have struggled to focus. I suppose in one sense I feel sympathy, which by definition is an extension of empathic concern, or the perception, understanding, and reaction to the distress or need of another human being. But at the end of today, I will get to cuddle with my son, while those parents will somehow try to sleep without their child, with Christmas decorations throughout their home and hidden presents that will never be opened. How can I possibly understand their agony? How can I possibly answer why? Politicians will resume the “gun control” battle, as though any laws could have prevented the events of today. Perhaps there is some merit in addressing guns… but that does little for those families. Others will decry the lack of prayer in schools or the decline of morality in our culture. Still, empty words to address empty beds tonight. Many have e-mailed me today or messaged me on Facebook asking what to do on Sunday at church. To that end, I started a thread on …

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What to get your husband for Christmas

Ladies… if you really want to impress your husband for Christmas this year. Don’t get him a tie. Get him something, anything, from I’m serious. And no, I’m not getting paid for this blog post, and get no benefit from it. I’m honestly just doing all the ladies out there a HUGE favor. Your man loves his gadgets. But he doesn’t want to look like a nerd or dork carrying them around. He loves his iPad, but he doesn’t know how to carry it around without looking like he is taking work with him. He doesn’t want to be one of those guys… You know the type, with the batman utility belt filled with gadgets (like the step dad in Night at the Museum) And he’s not going to wear some STUPID tech belt like I saw on my last flight in Sky Mall Magazine: Are you kidding me? RIGHT. But with a Jacket, Trench Coat, Sport Coat, Vest, Hoodie, Shirt or even boxers from Scottevest – your huck of love will be able to hide his tech gear and look like a normal sharply dressed man you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with. (Until he pulls out …

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