Scientifically AMAZING VBS!

It takes a lot to amaze me – and I am honestly blown away by the Science VBS. Not only by the quality of this program, but by the guy behind it. I am one who believes in quality and going the extra mile. It is something I try to do in everything I do – so when I see it in others, I know I am dealing with someone who values children and the Gospel as highly as I do. So when I met Josh Denhart, I knew I had made a new friend and kindred spirit.

If you want MORE than just a GREAT SUMMER PROGRAM for your kids, but one that is going to create LIFE-LONG MEMORIES, than you need to checkout Science VBS!

It is why I asked if we could have a Kidology Member Discount and get this VBS program on our non-profit membership website so that our friends could get this high caliber Vacation Bile School at a significant discount!

I’ve never seen a VBS that gives you so much!

  • Incredible Videos
  • Amazing Science Experiments
  • Rich Scriptural Music
  • All Downloadable Resources
  • Biblical and Cool!



Enjoy Josh doing an experiment with items “only on the table” when challenged at CPC:

This is a guy who knows science and knows how to engage kids in fun and exciting ways!

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