It’s Coming…. Are You Ready?


At the bottom of this blog post is the most incredible truth you will ever read. It will change your life. You you will never be the same. By now, you’ve skipped down there are read it and returned to here. Why? You couldn’t handle the anticipation of that it might be! Anticipation is a lost art. In so many areas of life, the anticipation is a huge part of the enjoyment – at times it even surpasses the final reality. Star Wars fans know well the power of anticipation. So much hype and speculation goes into the next instalment of Lucas’ space saga, that many whinny YouTubers can’t hide their disappointment at each movie. Were the movies truly as bad as some say, or was the anticipation greater than the final result?  Anticipation can result in disappointment, if the end result isn’t worthy of it, but it also increases interest, engagement and participation. People who anticipate invite others to join them. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools, beat only by sex appeal and dire warnings of gloom and doom!  Whether it’s a new iPhone that drives people to wait in lines to be first, or that moment …

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Time to Procrastinate


I feel badly for Procrastination. If words had feelings, I fear Procrastination would have a very low self-esteem. It gets blamed for everything. Most people people consider Procrastination as a bad thing. It’s a word that often induces guilt and prompts excuses. Others wear it as a badge of honor, but only as a result of feeling like they can’t keep up. But what if Procrastination was actually a good thing? What if Procrastination actually meant if you were making wise choices about what is worth doing now, and what would be better to do later or never? One of the realities you learn in life, is that you will always more to do than time to do it. Life about learning to make choices.  Perhaps, as you head into the New Year, instead of making a list of all the things you’d like to do, perhaps this year you should make a list of all the things you will not do in 2018.  What are your time wasters? What do you need to stop feeling guilty about? What are you trying to do that nobody is even asking you to do? What would your spouse or kids or boss …

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My Blog Challenge to YOU!


What you’re reading? OK, I did warn you. But welcome! So, I’ve been behind on blogging – and I feel just terrible about it. But unlike most bloggers where their blog is their primary platform for content, mine is – that where I have posted recently, from my complete Nerf War Plan to my own version of You’d Better Watch Out (Jesus is Coming to Town)! So, as the New Year approaches, I am presented with, “What shall I write on my blog?” My Facebook Page has replaced personal updates and the Kidology Facebook Group is where I interact the most with our wonderful kidmin community. I could share my Drone Pics and Videos, but that doesn’t really fit the name of this blog. (I did just start a FB Group for those who want to follow those adventures) I know that blogging is primary a writing platform, so I thought, what shall I write ABOUT. I’m currently already writing a book (more on that in the new year) but WHAT to write about on my blog? As a talker, trainer, writer – human with opinions – name any topic and I’ve got something to say. But it is …

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It’s FINALLY here! is now mobile-friendly! You’ve been asking – and we’ve been working hard for over a year! is now MOBILE FRIENDLY! CHECK IT OUT! PLUS! We’ve streamlined things to make your experience better and added some new features! What’s Changed? When pioneered the Internet in 1994, it was one of the only places to get creative help for kids ministry online. There was no YouTube, eBay, Yahoo or even Google! was THE place to get kidmin help! When we launched our fourth version of Kidology in 2001, smartphones were still over five years away and our site was 100% custom code. Having a massive custom site has been why it has been a long and costly process to update to this mobile era! Back then, forums were state-of-the-art and no other website offered member content, e-commerce, forums, conferences, a job center, resource directory, and so much more. We CELEBRATE that now there are MANY amazing ministries and website that have joined us in Equipping and Encouraging those who minister to children. Yet, remains the largest children’s ministry website, with the most content, training, products, and resources with the lowest membership fee, and we are …

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How Do You Talk to Your kids About Tragedy? By Ron Brooks


Thank you, Ron Brooks, for permission to re-post this helpful article on my blog. How to Talk to Kids About Tragedy. By Ron Brooks The largest massacre in US history in Las Vegas. The shooting at Columbine. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Irma and Harvey. The Tornadoes of Moore, Oklahoma. The school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The terrorist attack on 911. The terrorist attack in Paris, France. The mass shooting in Orlando.  All terrible tragedies, and if your child has heard about these events, you may be wondering how to talk to your kids about tragedy. With social media such a huge part of our life now, events like this are widely publicized. You are hardly able to turn on the TV or read through a Facebook feed without seeing reports. Many of our kids will see photos or hear about all the people that lost their homes or their lives in the storm. While we may do our best to shield our kids from horrible events, the truth is, many will find out. We homeschool our daughter, so it may be easier for me to keep bad news like this from her, but for others it is …

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