Awana Get Some Apps!


Someone asked me on Twitter today if Awana had some apps to help parents connect with their kids at home and reinforce what they are learning in club… so I thought I’d post about the awesome Awana Apps you can download from the Apple App Store, most are FREE! The NEWEST is the Cubbie App! Encourage parents of your youngest clubbers to download this so they can help their little ones learn the Bible verses to music! You can even choose the translation you’d like your Cubbie to learn with. (KJV, NKJV,NIV,ESV) In addition to the free content, there is additional in-app purchases available as well. (extra verses) The Sparkie App continues to be updated and improved! This interactive story book kids can read on their own as well as with their parents. In addition to being able to choose to read or have the book read to them, there are fun interactive elements to the story that make it fun to tap around the screen and see what might happen! You can order hard cover Sparkie books within the app too! If you are a Game Leader, then these apps will interest you! The Games App says it is …

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Visiting Awana HQ for the Inside Scoop


As a grown-up clubber, frequent blogger about Awana, and as the man who introduced Sport Stacking to Awana Game Time and a children’s pastor who has seen the impact of this ministry – I am always looking for opportunities to drop into the Awana HQ in Streamwood, Illinois. I’ve been hearing some exciting news coming out of Awana – and noticed their brand new website, so after speaking at camp for a week in Wisconsin, I headed down to Awana to sit down with Michael Scarbrough, who is the Director of Children’s Ministry at Awana to get the inside scoop on the relaunch of Awana going on right now! LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE! I also snagged me an official Awana sport coat (off a freebie table) so that I can sport it at the next Awana Conference. I think this coat gives back-stage access or at least snacks in the employee room. Forget GQ magazine, I think I could be on the cover of AHQ magazine! Got a great Awana story? Have questions about the club? Want to share some feedback for Awana leadership? Visit the podcast discussion forum and let’s talk Awana!  

CPC14 Resource Center Interviews!


One of my favorite things about the Children’s Pastors Conference is the Resource Center. CPC remains the ONLY kidmin conference that provides a level playing field for all resource providers and publishers. While publisher created conferences can be fantastic, I love CPC because there is no agenda other than equipping and encouraging. Enjoy the other conferences, but be sure to come to CPC where you can learn about all that is NEW and exciting in Kidmin. I especially enjoy meeting small ministries/companies that are just starting out and love helping them get the word out about what God has laid on their heart to create and share, often out of their own family or church ministry success. That is what gave birth to – sharing what I’ve learned – so I celebrate a place where I can meet others with that same passion. We enjoyed exhibiting – but we love to share what others are doing as well! Kidology exists to help YOU FIND what you are looking for, even if it’s not on – that’s our Mission! Here is a collection of videos I did with my iPhone on a pole so you could meet these great …

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Get a CLUE About Christmas!

Back by popular demand after the huge success of Resurrection Clue Hunt, it’s time to explore the true meaning of Christmas! Our family played this game last night and had a blast asking, “Do you have Joseph with the Gold?” or “Do you have Mary in the Manger?” or “What about King Herod in the King’s Court?” Mix and match different People, Locations and Objects and try to discover the missing clues to the Story of Christmas! When you are done – choose one of the complete devotionals to read to top off the play with some insightful Bible Learning! Your kids will learn some things about Christmas they probably didn’t know. With twenty different devotionals and different missing clues, the learning will be different each time you play! Ideal for church small groups as well as quality family time for the holidays. So turn off the TV! (The Grinch and and Rudolph can wait.) It’s time for another round of Christmas Clue Hunt! Your kids can learn more about the AMAZING TRUE STORY OF CHRISTMAS this season! Discover amazing facts from the Bible about: People (8 total) • Mary • Joseph • Baby Jesus • Wise Men • Shepherds …

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How to Teach Sport Stacking

As I hope you know – Sport Stacking – is one of the funnest* sports and activities that you can do with kids. It is a sport that kids of all ages and athletic abilities can do. When I was a full time children’s pastor, I discovered this amazing sport and incorporated into our children’s ministry and it became not only a magnet for kids, but a super relational tool for simply playing with and interacting with the kids in my church. Parents also found it to be a fun way to engage with their kids in a fun activity that they could do with children of any age – and of course, kids enjoyed beating their parents at a fun sport. Now, Sport Stacking has become an official part of the Awana Game Time. I launched it last week with a series of games using the Jumbo Cups. My goal there was a fast, easy introduction that would get the kids excited about the sport and the concept of stacking around the Awana Circle. But tonight, it was time to introduce them to the actual sport, and provide some training the stacking techniques. The Key is to keep the …

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