My Magic Video Goes Viral


I just noticed that one of my YouTube videos has passed 200,000 views. O.K., so maybe that isn’t viral, but I think it’s pretty cool – especially since the Gospel is shared. The comments are always interesting once your video gets “out there” – “Jesus freaks are everywhere… even in magic…” “are you a engel from heven to teel good storie about god” “Karl nice job but I think that the show was to preachy and to related to god other than that great magic show “ “I am a Christian and I am a magician. Thank you for this show. I realized that showing tricks can talk about Christ. And it will be understood by children. God bless you.” “You need a kid fence on the edge of the stage or something!” ENJOY! (and feel free to share it!)

His Kidmin Yoke is Easy


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30 If Jesus came to give us abundant life (John 10:10) and to make our joy complete (John 15:11), then why are so many in ministry worn out, stressed out, and secretly ready to drop out of ministry? Why is it that so often those who know they were called by God to serve Him find themselves second-guessing that same call when life and ministry become almost more than they can bear? Whenever I am asked to speak or write on “avoiding burn out,” I can’t help chuckling to myself. Not because the topic is funny, but because the joke is on me. I know that when I needed to hear such things, I was unable or unwilling to. Why? I loved ministry! I was driven by the pressure that comes from wanting to make a difference. My favorite Calvin and Hobbes quote was when Calvin declared, “I …

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Movie Review: Where Hope Grows – in theaters May 15th


I’ve had the privilege of meeting and hanging out with David Desanctis several times this year. He is quite the character and a lot of fun! Plus, he is a movie star! I had him auto-graph one of the movie posters for me for his first major motion picture Where Hope Grows coming out in theaters May 15th. We even had fun trying to re-create the poster: David pulled some strings for me, and I got to see a pre-release copy of the film. The entire family say down and enjoyed our “sneak peek.” I highly recommend this film for adults. It is about the journey of an alcoholic to find healing through a unique God-ordained friendship. But need to caution up front that it is NOT for children. One of the very first conversations is between the single father and his daughter about sex and there is, of course, heavy drinking, plus adultery, and some violence including an attempted rape scene (with little consequence to the boys doing the attack). So we had to at times distract my son and ultimately, remove him from the room. But with that said – there is much to enjoy for adults. It …

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¡Hola! Karlos is Back!


As I mentioned awhile ago, I enjoy the honor of contributing to Entre Ninos, a wonderful ministry for the Spanish speaking segment of the Kingdom that ministers to children. I want to encourage you again, if you know of anyone who ministers in Spanish to send them to so that they can download a copy and benefit from all that this incredible resource features. The current issue features an interview with Yancy (not Nancy) who has a new Spanish language CD out! I often hear how “there is nothing for Spanish children’s ministry workers” and often it is only that they don’t know where to look. Entreninos is a wonderful way to discover the resources available for our amigos!

If Angels Could Sing…


Before you watch this incredible new video from Pentatonix, I’d like you to consider something. A professor of mine in Bible college suggested an interesting theory he had about angels based on a textual study of the Bible’s original languages. An interesting fact, that while we often talk about “angelic choirs” or say someone “sings like an angel,” nowhere in Scripture are angels ever recorded as singing. But often, the saints are and we are commanded to! Keep in mind, this is a theory based on an argument from silence. So while we can’t say the Bible says “angels can’t sing,” – there is no evidence that they can in the original languages of the Bible. As Dr. James used to say, I will also say, “I sure hope they do! I bet they are amazing.” The point is simply that perhaps singing was a gift given uniquely to humans as a means of worship? Note, in Job 38:7, states that on the first day of creation, the angels “shouted for joy.” Consider that the classic Christmas play scene of children dressed as singing angels (as adorable as it is) doesn’t match the biblical text where the angels were “praising …

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