Avoiding a Train Wreck with Coaching


Another Kidology Coaching Thank You Letter has come in! If you have been considering Coaching, these thank you letters are a great way to learn more about how our coaching program changes both lives and ministries. Enjoy: Dear Karl,                                                   March 28, 2014 I began the Kidology Coaching Program in the fall of 2011. At the time, I was serving in a part-time shared children’s co-coordinator position in a church experiencing rapid growth. I had seen burnout in children’s ministry. I did not want this to happen to me. I knew I needed some direction from someone experienced in the area of children’s ministry. I believe there would have been a great chance for me to burnout, if it weren’t for the Kidology Coaching program. The Kidology Coaching Program has taught me lessons on how to accomplish more with less effort. I am planning ahead better and delegating more. I am now training my Intern and my leadership teams. With the challenges of a rapid growing ministry and my own personal challenges, I could have easily had a major train wreck, which was averted. The first step was to slow down the train and get …

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The Idiot’s Cube


For those of you intimidated by the Rubix Cube, I have invented an entirely new cube puzzle that even YOU can solve! Inspired by my brother who saw my naked Rubix Cube and said on Facebook, “…looks like a cube I could solve,” I decided to create a cube for the non-geniuses of the world. Enjoy: If you don’t want to buy 6 Rubix Cubes to get all the matching stickers, you can buy stickers at cubesmith.com

Kidology Coaching Saves CP from Trash Compactor!


It is always a delight to share with you the thank you notes I get from our Kidology Coaching graduates. (Always reprinted with permission – they desire others to know how the Kidology Coaching has changed there life.) This letter comes from Amy Hardeman, and it is our hope it will encourage those of you who may feel like the sides are closing in on them! Dear Karl, Thank you so much for establishing and investing in the Kidology Coaching program.  For several years I had been a silent snoop on the Kidology website.  A year or so after adopting a newborn from foster care, I will still feeling so overloaded with life and ministry and was having a hard time balancing it all.  Before a baby, I had somehow managed to do it all, relying heavily on myself.  One day when listening to a KidMin Talk podcast I started to consider the coaching program. When I first took the plunge and decided to sign up I was feeling a lot like Princess Leia and her Star Wars in the trash compactor scene. From event to event, ministry crisis to crisis, it always seemed like the walls were about to …

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Kidology Coaching is a Life Preserver

It is always encouraging to hear how Kidology Coaching changes lives as well as ministries. If you have ever considered getting a personal coach, read this letter from our most recent graduate, and pray about growing with one of our coaches. We have just added a woman to our coaching team, so for ladies who have been waiting for that, now is your chance! Dear Karl, Upon graduating from the Kidology Coaching Program, I want let you know that the Kidology Coaching Program has been a “life-saver” for me! Literally! The work that you and the coaches have put into the curriculum, the training you’ve had and all the components of this coaching program is exemplary. I want to tell you how this program has changed my life in hopes that someone else could relate and become a part of the program at a just the right time in their life. When I signed up for the coaching program I was at a “low” in my ministry. I had gone through the “honeymoon” stage of my ministry (where everyone was thrilled to have me there and helped me along with everything, because I was new and naïve) and was facing …

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Fall is Here! Get Yerself TRAINED!

Everywhere I go I run into Kidology Members who ask me where they can get affordable Leadership Training and I am surprised how often they are unaware that they have access to FREE online video Leadership Training as part of their Kidology Membership. I created Kidology Online Training specifically because I know not every leader can go to conferences. Through these FREE streaming online videos every Premium Member of Kidology can learn what I’ve learned in my twenty plus years of being a leader and children’s pastor. Then, to add to the learning experience, each training session has an optional add-on download kit that provides a RICH 30+ page PDF that goes even deeper into the material, has bonus material, a downloadable version of the video so you can go mobile with it or full screen and even gives you a PowerPoint so you can then, in turn, train YOUR leaders! When you are done and compile all FIVE PDFs the sum result is the Kidology Handbook Leader’s Edition, your companion to the highly popular Kidology Handbook Teacher’s Edition. But remember – while the download kits have a modest fee, the VIDEOS ARE FREE TO VIEW as a part of …

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