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When I was a “rookie kids pastor” back in 1993, not even married yet, before the dawn of the personal computer, (or before they became truly practical anyway) I used to hand draw my Sunday Kid’s Bulletins.  I also used them for a Mail Box Club as an outreach tool. Doing some “Spring Cleaning” this week, I discovered a box filled with original masters of these bulletins as well as many completed by children. It was fun to find these blank bulletins that I spent hours creating each week as a follow up tool for my lessons. I used to photo-copy them and send them home as well as use them as a follow up tool for magic shows at outreach events. This is all back in 1993 when I was the first Children’s Pastor the historic Moody Church which was founded by the great evangelist D.L. Moody well over 100 years ago. Below is a downloadable PDF of one of these Kid’s Bulletins / Mailbox Club Bible Lessons. I post it for two reasons. The first is simply for fun and enjoyment, as a “historical document” of how kidmin was done in the “old days” before all these techno …

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Scientifically AMAZING VBS!

It takes a lot to amaze me – and I am honestly blown away by the Science VBS. Not only by the quality of this program, but by the guy behind it. I am one who believes in quality and going the extra mile. It is something I try to do in everything I do – so when I see it in others, I know I am dealing with someone who values children and the Gospel as highly as I do. So when I met Josh Denhart, I knew I had made a new friend and kindred spirit. If you want MORE than just a GREAT SUMMER PROGRAM for your kids, but one that is going to create LIFE-LONG MEMORIES, than you need to checkout Science VBS! It is why I asked if we could have a Kidology Member Discount and get this VBS program on our non-profit membership website so that our friends could get this high caliber Vacation Bile School at a significant discount! I’ve never seen a VBS that gives you so much! Incredible Videos Amazing Science Experiments Rich Scriptural Music All Downloadable Resources Biblical and Cool! ORDER ASAP!   Enjoy Josh doing an experiment with items …

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The Gospel Rubix Cube!


I have a new Gospel Tool that kids will enjoy! It all started because the stickers on my Rubix Revenge (4×4) were getting worn and peeling off: So peeled them all off! Well, all but one… 95 stickers later, I was ready to prep the cube for some renewed life: Now it was ready for NEW stickers, courtesy of Since the Wordless Book only has 5 colors, I added orange…“Orange you glad Jesus came?” Putting the new stickers on wasn’t that hard, and it’s great that Cube Smith gives you two sets for the few that you’ll put on crooked and once peeled off, won’t be smooth, so you can just add another. Once it was done, I made a YouTube video to demonstrate: What creative means have you come up with lately for sharing the Good News with others?

Balancing the Sacred vs. Silliness

In kids ministry we try to connect with kids in order to reach them – Kidology is a philosophy of ministry that strives to minister to kids from within the culture of kids. In order to interest, engage and even at times (dare I say it?) entertain kids, we will do the craziest things, won’t we? Dunk tanks! Drop eggs from helicopters! Pies in the face! All manner of craziness and silliness goes on in children’s ministries. And this is good! But there is also a danger. We can risk losing the sacred. We can risk being flippant with holiness. And at some point, all that FUN needs to decrescendo down to some sacred seriousness, or else it loses it’s purpose and was all for naught. Fun isn’t the goal, it is a means to a greater end. We aren’t in the business of giving kids a great time. We are in the business of making disciples. Consider: “Don’t be flip with the sacred. Banter and silliness give no honor to God. Don’t reduce holy mysteries to slogans. In trying to be relevant, you’re only being cute and inviting sacrilege.” Matthew 7:6 MSG I’m not going to offer the answer …

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One Man Christmas Story

I was invited to be a special guest again at Cherry Hill Community Church, where they have a wonderful children’s ministry. Whenever you are given the opportunity to teach at Christmas time, it presents a unique challenge. You are, of course, teaching the greatest story in HIS-Story – but it is also a very familar one. So how do you tell it in a new and creative way that will still engage children who can easily “check out” when they start to hear the familiar parts of the story. I searched my computer for countless ways I have addressed Christmas in over twenty years as a children’s pastor – and then walked into my vast kidmin prop warehouse and started seeing things that could be used to tell the story! At the same time, as I prayed about it, I was wanted to elevate the story above the mere facts of the traditional story to WHY did God sent Jesus? The story is truly epic and transcends the birth of Christ from the origins of time all the way to Christ’s Resurrection all the way to today! Then it hit me! Why don’t I tell the ENTIRE STORY OF CHRISTMAS …

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