Why did God give us commandments and rules? Was it to spoil our fun? Rather than merely explain it, have your kids experience it! Play the NO RULES GAME! Randomly divide the kids up. Put out a bunch of game stuff. Blow the whistle say “GO!” As the kids start to try and play with the stuff, start awarding points AND penalties and declare a winner and loser. See how the kids respond. They won’t like a game with no rules where it is unclear how to be a winner! Finally stop the game and explain that’s WHY God gave us commandments. A life lived without rules leads to chaos. We need rules in order to win in life! WATCH THE GAME IN ACTION: LIKE GAMES THAT TEACH? Be sure to check out The Game Zone on Kidology!

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The LEAST vs. GREATEST GAME! “The Last Shall Be First” Prep: Number the Chairs: ROW # and SEAT # (Signs Provided at Link Below) Points: You need something physical for points – popsicle sticks, beans, etc. Something that can be passed out quickly that kids can hold so the points are tangible. PLAY: Kids Move Around and Choose a Chair, then the next RULE is read! (Option: You can make it appear that the rules are random by drawing a rule from a hat, just make sure you draw the final rule last.) Don’t mislead or lie to the kids, but you can make it appear that the winner will be those with the most points. This is a natural assumption. The final rule will turn that around! Those who thought they were doing poorly will win, and those who thought they we were winning, weren’t. The last slip taped to side so it can be drawn last. NOTE: When you have many winners (like Odd or Even numbers) to speed up the game, just say “If you won come up here and get a point.” Don’t challenge any kids who may come up to get a point who didn’t…

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