My Magic Video Goes Viral


I just noticed that one of my YouTube videos has passed 200,000 views. O.K., so maybe that isn’t viral, but I think it’s pretty cool – especially since the Gospel is shared. The comments are always interesting once your video gets “out there” – “Jesus freaks are everywhere… even in magic…” “are you a engel from heven to teel good storie about god” “Karl nice job but I think that the show was to preachy and to related to god other than that great magic show “ “I am a Christian and I am a magician. Thank you for this show. I realized that showing tricks can talk about Christ. And it will be understood by children. God bless you.” “You need a kid fence on the edge of the stage or something!” ENJOY! (and feel free to share it!)

Karl, Baby Fred, Gus and Others at Family Fun Night

By request via Facebook, I’m posting the family show I did at my church last weekend. A volunteer did the video from the back so the audio is the best, but you can hear the show fairly well. It was an after dinner show so unfortunately there is some ambient noise from the clean up going on back where the camera was, etc. but for what it’s worth, you’ll get to see Gus and some of my other puppets, including the scary baby routine, and some unique “Chapel only” humor as Gus picks on the whole multi-church format of our church a bit. This coming weekend our church is launching simulcast broadcasting so the opening routine with the magic drawing board has a little fun with that, to explain the context. But with no further ado, here is the entire program in seven parts: PART 1: Magic White Board Option for Multi-Site Churches PART 2: Baby Fred and it Stinks to be a Baby PART 3: Karl and Snowball PART 4: Gus on Multi-Personality Churches, er Multi-Site PART 5: Gus Invents WWID (What Would I Do?) PART 6: The Gus Raps (Kids in the Word & Yo God!) PART 7: …

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Luke Climbs a Lighthouse

For our 15th anniversary we are spending a week in Lundington, Michigan. There are lots of pictures still to go through, but I wanted to blog our highlight today, on our actual anniversary. What a fun day! (click on any picture to view larger, then browse back to pick up where you left off!) Luke was just eager to get going on our 1.8 mile hike to the Big Sable Point Lighthouse which is only accessible by hiking in. If you squint you can see a little black and white dot in the upper left hand corner of this picture… that was our destination. Would Luke make it, that was the question! Fortunately, some friends of our who live in Ludington, who we visited with on Tuesday evening, “just happened” to give us a kid-backpack. (God is indeed sovereign, and He likes to prove it over and over!) So when Luke got tired or decided he wanted to walk in directions other than forward, we had a way to make progress without losing too much time. But we were in no rush, so we stopped often to rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery – a strange combination of sand, water …

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My Little Buckaroo

This video is just my Father’s Day present to myself. Yes, I’m a complete sap and am totally in love with my little boy. My wife often laughs at me and says, “You are so whipped” when she sees just the way I look at him or interact with him. The picture below is his first time sitting in a tree! (Granted, only for a few seconds – just long enough for the picture! But last Sunday at church he saw several kids in a tree and I stopped to talk to the kids about the tree and how they got up, etc. but it still surprised me when Luke said to me today, “Sit in tree!” The video is all pictures of me and my little buckaroo to two of my favorite “Daddy Songs,” perhaps you’ll enjoy them too: Watching You, by Rodney Atkins and Little Buckaroo by Go Fish.

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