CPC Honors Me but the REAL Honor Goes to…..


I was honored to be interviewed at #CPC18 during one of the general sessions last week. While this was an amazing honor, the bigger honor was the friends cheering me on from the front row. While I was being interviewed about what I’ve learned from 50 consecutive CPCs – from my Big Mistake at my first CPC to sharing some advice for the newbies – the greatest honor was not being on stage, it was seeing the joy my team and friends got seeing me up there. They knew, as I do, that they are Kidology as much as I am. Kidology truly isn’t about me. It is the incredibly humble, loyal and dedicated friends who have made Kidology.org what it is for over two decades. It is the friends who care nothing for the spotlight, who have no aspiration to be on stage and need no public recognition because they serve the Body of Christ through Kidology.org behind the scenes with no thought for ‘what’s in it for me.” They genuinely enjoy the applause I received knowing that they share with me the joy of why we do what we do. While some are on my staff, there are …

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Join Me Online for the Coolest Preteen Onference!


I’m excited to be a part of the FourFiveSix.org Online Conference in just a few weeks! Or, as 456 calls it, the Onference! (Get it? Online Conference = Onference!) The line up is amazing! Several of my friends will be presenting: Heather Dunn, Patrick Snow, Ryan Frank, Johnny Rogers, Gregg Johnson, Yancy, Gordon West, Chip Henderson and more! If you work with preteens, this is THE training event for you! My workshop is called: Mutiny! The Preteens Have Taken Over Kids Church! It’s all about how to have preteens plan, prepare and pull off children’s church – so they are learning to lead for life now! I hope you’ll register and join us! P.S. You can learn more about 456 on their website.

¡Hola! Read My Article in entre niños (in English)


For years I was asked where folks could get help for ministries to Spanish speaking ministries. While my Kidology Handbook is available for FREE on Kidology.org, I’ve always wished we could do more. I am delighted to be a part of a Spanish magazine called entre niños. It is loaded with wonderful content in both English and Spanish. Best of all, the magazine is FREE. Below you can learn how to access the free magazines, but let me share with you the article I had in the most recent issue. Enjoy: (Click to Read Full Size in a new window) There is a great content in this magazine for both Spanish and English readers! Please help spread the word! Since the website can be a little tricky for English speakers, here is how to download the magazine if you can’t read Spanish: Go to their website at www.entreninos.com and click on the green box about halfway down the left side of the page that says: Entre Niños Free Magazine in digital format! Access all issues! That will take you to a page where they can see the Table of Contents for the latest edition. Click on the red box at …

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Don’t Be the Kidmin Who Misses This!!


There is an amazing new animated movie coming March 2018 that will only be in theaters ONE WEEKEND! I got to enjoy a an early screening with my family and it is amazing! Imagine Frozen, Lord of the Rings and Narnia blended into a wonderful children’s story that is a beautiful parable of the importance of not forgetting ancient Truth. It has adventure, catchy music and a powerful message for all ages. A fallen angel is trapped in the form of a dragon, known as the Ice Dragon, banished as long as the people remember the Song their Creator gave them. But as time goes by, Truth fades into legend with only a few believers left – and the dragon breaks free! How will the villagers defeat the mighty dragon? You’ll have to find out for yourself! From the creator of God Rocks comes this delightful story that was written by the creator, Bruce Stacey, decades ago for his own children and has now been brought to life in a spectacular animated film. As children’s ministry leaders – we need to both celebrate and support creative efforts like this to engage our culture and share the Good News! Instead of …

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Kidologist.com Makes Top Blog List Again


Fun to make another blog list – and I feel lucky since I’ve kinda been slackin’ off on my blog this past year. This listing even points out (rather blatantly) that I have averaged two posts per month. Time to step it up again! Though, my blog is really just a side outlet for writing, most of the content I create goes on Kidology.org – but after my Blog Challenge, I should get some more content ideas for this New Year. Thanks for reading and providing me an opportunity to serve YOU through this blog. Be sure to check out the others on the list, there are some great friends on that list, as well as some new ones I need to check out! Here’s to a new year of Equipping and Encouraging Those Who Minister to Children!

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