The Music of Kid U

Kid U was blessed to have Alan Root ( as our worship leader. His gentle spirit, quick “punny” humor, and obvious heart for God and kids (and those who serve them) just leaked all over the place! He is one of those worship leaders who have that rare ability to be very entertaining, and yet, keep it not about them, but about the Lord. We sang, we laughed, we even did the ‘Baptist Side-step’ and worshiped. I’ve known of Alan and seen him at CPC’s for as long as I’ve been going, but I had never gotten the chance to get to know him. I was lucky enough to get to do some of the shuttling to hotel/airport and got to know him a lot better and look forward to doing so more in the future. Alan is a recently added new vendor on making available his preteen Bible studies, and of course his music. Check out all the Alan Root Stuff on Kidology! I consider it a privilege to count Alan as a friend! AND THEN, after two days of Live Leadership Labs – it was time to ROCK, God Rocks that is! ( The team from God…

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Help Me Choose My FREE CD!

I need help choosing my FREE CD that I have won… well, I haven’t exactly won it yet, but it’s only a matter of time, so I’m looking for suggestions. What album would you have your sister buy you when you won a bet? You see, I went off Mountain Dew the day after Christmas and went 44 days without any Dew! 44 is my favorite number, so I rewarded myself with an ice cold Dew, which spilled all over the floor of my car the moment I went to sip it as I hit a pot hole! While many claimed this was a sign from God to not have any Dew, I took it as a sign that I, uh, oh, never mind. Bottom line, I was back the bottle, er can, for several busy weeks. So when I got back from CPC last week I decided to not only go Dewless again, but to go TOTALLY WITH NO POP/SODA for another 44 days. (I’m trying to lose weight and get in shape for Yosemite Summit) Knowing my sister has been on a diet I invited her to join me for some local accountability. (She lives a few house…

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25 Days of Christmas Music!

Well, OK, so there is only 22 days left, but you can still get the FREE DOWNLOADS from the days you missed! Bigbandtacularswingaganza! If you like Christmas music and you are tired of the 17 or 18 that are played on the radio over and over, you must head over to Tannerworld Junction, the forum where-EVERYTHING-is-discussed created by Kidology’s Director of Web Operations. (AKA, if it works there first, try in on!) Be sure to say “I discovered you on” so I can finally win one of Steve’s contests. (I’m still sore I didn’t win the Star Wars lego tie fighter!) Every day you will get a new Christmas song you’ve probably never heard before, and a chance to talk about it if you wish. (Yes, you can win something too!) And be sure to get the downloads from previous years that are only up this month! Over 9 hours of awesome Christmas music! So? What are you waiting for? GO ALREADY!

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