A Dad’s Gotta Do What a Dad’s Gotta Do!


Sometimes a dad’s just gotta do, what a dad’s gotta do! Recently Children’s Pastor Mark Jones, of mrmarksclassroom.com sent me a copy of his new book, A Dad’s Gotta Do What a Dad’s Gotta Do. It looked so fun, I immediately sat down and read it to my son. I had no idea what it would be about, and was pleasantly surprised to discover just how much it would mirror my daily life with my own son. I don’t want to spoil the story too much – but it basicly is about a way a dad made his son feel loved one day on the way to school. We enjoyed it so much, we immediately made a “thank you” video for Mr. Mark and posted it to YouTube: Then I asked if we could sell his book on Kidology so we could help get his book into the hands for more dads! He enthusiastically said, “Yes!” So pick up your copy ASAP!  

FREE Family Devotionals on Victory!

As you may (or may not!) know, every unit of DiscipleTown comes with 12 family devotionals – 3 per week – in a cool “Table Talker” design like you see on your table when you eat out at a restaurant. I have now written 288 of these devotionals with the upcoming 24th DiscipleTown “How to Walk in Victory” to be released soon. I wanted my BLOG READERS to be the FIRST to get a sneak peak! So enjoy these FREE THREE DEVOTIONALS! Here is what they look like: Download THREE COMPLETE DEVOTIONALS for your family. There are nine more with the unit that will be released shortly, and 12 with every unit of DiscipleTown – but I encourage you to use these with your family and enjoy the fun you will have and the engaging conversations that will result.

“Problem” Kids – Aren’t Really a Problem After All!

This is a guest post, re-posted from itsyourbooknow.blogspot.com with permission. This week I had a Sunday School training with Karl Bastian, the Kidologist. The topic was discipline, and I was eager to learn. That’s one of the hardest things for me as a Sunday School teacher. I walked out with a lot of great tips. Grace based tips. Which I love, because I’m a big fan of grace. All new ideas I’d never thought of, heard of, or tried before. I’m eager to try this out. But the thing that struck me the most wasn’t so much a tip as it was a perspective. Which was pretty much the perspective that framed all the tips. You know those “good” kids? You know, the ones who bring you Christmas gifts and say please and thank you and never disrupt class? You probably aren’t going to make a difference in their life. Why? Because their lives are already on a good trajectory. They usually come from good homes, homes where parents are doing a wonderful job teaching them about faith and how to live like Jesus. If you weren’t in their lives, they’d probably still turn out to be wonderful Christians. You …

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Times Flies When You Are Growing Up!

Just marveling how my “little boy” is growing up! I went back through my iPhoto and grabbed the first day of school pictures since Luke started pre-school and it’s fun to see him growing up: Luke going to first day of preschool… Luke going to first day of Pre-K: Luke going to first day of Kindergarten: Luke starting 1st grade this week: On one hand – I am amazed at how BIG he is, it seems only yesterday I had my first Father’s Day with a little baby: But on the other had, it hasn’t gone quickly. I know parents are always saying “the time flies” but it hasn’t seem to fly for me. I have been so enjoying each and every day and the unique aspects of Luke’s personality at each age, and what he can do, and what he is learning, that I feel like it’s been going at a pace that I’ve been truly enjoying. I’m sure when I’m at his wedding, I’ll join the chorus of “how did it pass so quickly?” But for now, it’s going at a great pace. There are things I’m eager for him to be older and able to do with …

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How To Raise a Dew Baby

I had to hunt this down after one of the pictures was asked about on my Facebook page. I thought I’d go ahead and preserve it and share it for fun – though hesitantly, since I need you to know, it was in HUMOR, and I myself have been “cured” of my Mountain Dew addiction since 2009. (My name is Karl Bastian and I am a Dewoholic! But I’ve been sober for five years!) Also, please know, I never actually gave my sweet baby any Mountain Dew! But I did find it funny that a baby bottle nipple fit perfectly over the top of a soda can, and had fun freaking people out with that fact! HOW TO RAISE A DEW BABY: Here is one of my favorites. Luke sleeping with the Lion and the Lamb. (A gift from his Aunt Barbara.) This little baby started first grade today, hard to believe it: They sure to grow up fast!

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