A Convertible Half Wet!

What do you do when you are out with your convertible, enjoying a beautiful day with the top down, and it starts to rain, and THEN you discover that the the automatic top is broken? I’ve been on the road (well, technically, in the air!) for weeks – speaking at Camp Hartland and Camp Timber-lee, and all the while my convertible has been in the garage with the top down while I’ve been filming in my car DiscipleTown videos for the next series. (How to Navigate the Old Testament, due out Aug. 20th) So when I pulled out today, I had no idea the top was broken, its been down for a month! I discovered when I was out on a conference call with DiscipleLand after lunch with the family at the mall. I was then meeting at Speed Stacks HQ getting the low-down on some new products (BTW, I am the VERY FIRST non-employee to get a prototype on something I’ll blog about later!) when it started to rain! What to do? Go home and cut out of an important meeting? Park under a tree? Then the innovative team at Speed Stacks discovered that the back double doors of …

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The Cave Was Calling!

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Garden of the God. (I leave the ‘s’ off on purpose!) I went to see the sunrise and to work in my new office: Colorado! This was my view for my morning staff conference call. Not too shabby! It was a little chilly, so I eventually moved to the Visitor Center across the street where I had a counter, power outlet, free refills and an elevated view: Next I headed off to Chipotle for lunch and on my way back I noticed a Navigator’s sign right before the turn to Garden of the Gods, and turned in. Soon I was at a Castle Gate being stopped by a Gate Keeper. I wasn’t sure if I would get in, but after speaking a little “Christianese” I was granted a pass and allowed to proceed into the most amazing compound that rivaled the Garden of the Gods next door! Turns out the Gen Eyrie retreat center may be one of the best kept secrets of Christiandome! Not only are there more red rocks…. and over 700 acres with lodges and hiking trails… there is even a Castle! But on to the CAVE! As …

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PK Falls in Love?

As I walked out to my car today, I noticed that it was no longer straight in the parking spot like I left it… for a moment I wondered if it had been taken for a joy ride… I was very puzzled until I got closer and discovered why my PK Crusier had moved over in his spot…. …he had fallen in love with the car parked next to him! I sure hope they behaved themselves!  

Happy Mother’s Day MOMMY!

By popular demand (seriously!), here are some pictures from Mother’s Day 2007: Mother’s Day began with a photo-op of Luke outside on the way to church…. Luke with Daddy’s Car… too cool. (the boy, not the car!) Trying to Look BIG and Tough (but too cute to pull it off) “What’s with the flowers, Dad, I’m a BOY!” Waiting for the women to be ready to leave for church. (get used to it, boy) And here is MOM with her happy boy on Mother’s Day! Luke gets his hands on daddy’s deck of cards… A magician in the making! Luke loves water, so the splinkers was the hightlight of his day! Luke helps daddy drive…. again. “Turn this way, daddy, according to the satelites!” We enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day relaxing at Sara’s parents, not far from the latest Chicago fire. It’s amazing how much Luke has grown since last Mother’s Day.

Luke Learns to Drive

One of the joys of fatherhood is teaching your son to drive. Well, the time has come for Luke to take this next important step in his human (manly) development… It started out as a quick trip to the dollar store to pick up my sister who’s car had broken down. Since it was a RARE warm afternoon, and a very short ride, I thought I’d let Luke have his first ride with the top down! (note the shades for wind, and the blanket for warmth!) Plus, mommy was out with a friend, so no need to worry about whether mom approved. (!) BUSTED! Just as I got to the end of the street, mom and her friend turned onto the street, and I was caught red-car-ed, er, I mean, red-handed! So mom jumped out of one car, and into mine to join us for the short ride! Best view in the world… (note Darth on the dash pointing which way to go!) Once we got to our destination, we had to wait for the toe truck, er, tow truck to arrive, so we had some time to kill. After too long in the dollar store asking, “How much is …

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