Recently Discovered Ancient Document Reveals Modern Kidmin Strategy

  Recently Discovered Ancient Document Reveals Modern Kidmin Strategy Could it be that a recently uncovered document once thought lost forever in the archives of the Kidologist’s vast children’s ministry vault of hand written resources from before the dawn of the computer could reveal a ministry strategy that could revolutionize your ministry today?     Archeologists have discovered a hand drawn ministry strategy document dating back to circa 1993 from when Karl Bastian, aka “The Kidologist,” was just a “Green Thumb” children’s pastor at the historic Moody Church in downtown Chicago. Yet this ministry strategy has been guiding his ministry for over twenty years. Once guarded as a valuable treasure and only shared with the most trusted colleagues, Karl has now revealed its secrets on his podcast. Will clues within this ancient drawing lead you to gold or a national treasure? Or will it simply make your ministry programing and event planning more strategic and purposeful? You be the judge. Listen to Kidmin Talk #53 today… and download the full resolution historical document for yourself. Discover the secret that will set your ministry planning on a whole new Quest!

Checking In with KidCheck

I recently caught up with KidCheck CEO Alex Smith and interviewed him on my podcast, Kidmin Talk. Let me encourage you to invest just a few minutes to give a listen. WHY is this worth your time? If you are in children’s ministry leadership, one of the areas of responsibility you inherited, that you may not have counted on when you got your Call to Ministry – was the safety of the kids you oversee. When I meet children’s pastors/directors and ask them, “So what was it that drew you into kids ministry?” No one has ever said to me, “You know, I just got this divine Calling from God to make sure kids were securely checked in on Sundays and all entered into the church database and that their addresses and parents cell phone numbers were all kept up to date so that we could sent text alerts. Oh, and I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that allergy awareness was just something that I was gifted at and I needed to find a profession where I could make it a major focus.” No. No one has ever said that to me. And yet I have had leaders tell …

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It’s That Simple, It’s That Difficult

My podcast this week is in response to a post in the Kidology forum where a Kidology member laments, I’m working at a new church and realize that the youth don’t know that much about the God’s Word or Jesus. I’ve sat and scratched my head trying to figure out what approach to take. Many of the youth have been coming to the church as kids, but haven’t really learned about a relationship with Jesus. ….they aren’t interested and neither are the parents. The majority of the youth ….are moving on and the youth director assigned to their age group is clueless. They focus on events rather than ministering to the kids. I’m about to pull my hair out because I feel like I’m the only one who see’s the problem. HELP!” If I had to answer you in one would, it would be: DISCIPLESHIP. The church today spends too much time and energy and money trying to turn out disciples through mass/large groups ‘events’ and what you describe is the results. “The proof is in the pudding” as the saying goes. If you want to see the solution, you have to look no further than the ministry of Jesus. …

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Gus Interviews Karl?

By popular demand (via e-mail) the Children’s Ministry Podcast featuring my trusty side-kick, Gus, is back! Only with a twist – in this first in a new series, Gus turns the tables a bit and interviews ME! What’s he wondering? What is the meaning behind the word “Kidology?” And in the process he gets me to share my unusual journey into children’s ministry in his own humorous way. You can always be sure to know when the next podcast is out by subscribing in one of the following ways: Subscribe via iTunes (Updates via Apple’s iTunes) Subscribe to this Feed (Updates via RSS) Discuss the podcast! (Kidology Network Forums) Or just remember and check back often! BUT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DON’T MISS THE LATEST EPISODE HERE!

Karl on Christine Yount’s Podcast

If you follow, you may have caught my post What Happened To The Bible. It fueled a healthy discussion over on Then, Christine Yount, editor-in-chief at Children’s Ministry Magazine featured it on her blog. Then, I was honored when Christine asked if she could interview me for her podcast on the subject. You can listen to the podcast here. Christine Yount is a leading voice in children’s ministry and someone you need to keep in your virtual circle of advisors. I’m excited to see her blogging and podcasting now. I’ve been listening to her for as long as I can remember and her longevity in children’s ministry leadership is a true mark of someone who is dedicated to a mission, not to a business or just trying to being heard. When Christine Yount speaks, I listen. (That doesn’t mean I always agree – but it does mean she forces me to think and constantly be evaluating. And I love that!)

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