Everything is Proceeding as God Has Foreseen


I love collaborating with other creative children’s pastors! And that’s just what I did to put together this FREE Easter lesson called Foretold. The idea was Stanley Mearse’s. “Why don’t we do a lesson that explores all the Old Testament scriptures that were fulfilled in the New Testament in Jesus?” I loved it! He compiled the verses, I pulled together some past lesson components – we sent the document back and forth adding ideas and tweaking, and now it’s available! It’s got some amazing (but easy!) illusions where you demonstrate your “power” to predict, but then explain the difference between a prediction and a prophesy. It’s also got one of the messiest yet most memorable egg object lessons you’ll ever do that I did my Rookie Year, and grown kids still talk about it! So download FORETOLD today!

You’re a V.I.P. to R.O.B.

That smilin’ guy to the right? He helped lead my son to Christ and he wasn’t even in the same state! How did he manage that? Well, it was his music. And in particular the song “I’m Follin’ Jesus.” (Free download below.) Here are the lyrics: “I’m Followin’ Jesus” (from the CD “GET OUT THERE!”) words and music by ©2005 Rob Biagi/BMI On the road of life There are two ways to go: You can choose Abundant Life, or say, “Whatever, dude – We’ll see how it goes…” Now I don’t know about you I just know about me And I know what to do If I wanna be free! I’m followin’ Jesus – Jesus I’m followin’ Jesus – Jesus Down the road we go – it’s really rather odd We can play it safe and slow – or fly through life with God! I don’t know about you And everyone’s goin’ that way I just wanna be free So I’m gonna walk by faith! I’m followin’ Jesus – Jesus I’m followin’ Jesus – Jesus! My son explains to me one day that he accepted Christ all by himself in bed. When I asked how and why, he said, “Well, it’s …

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It All Stacks Up to FUN!

As I leaked last August when I was looking for trial churches, Sport Stacking is coming to Awana Clubs this fall! It’s no secret that I not only love Sport Stacking, but have also used it as an super duper fun outreach in my own ministry. I’ve stacked against an NFL football player, a world champion sport stacker (and won), used Speed Stacks to teach (They All Fall Down), or just for fun at birthday parties (As Angry Birds and in a Human Tower Escape). But my favorite and most effective times are when I use them at church as a way to connect with kids, getting them excited about coming to church and bringing their friends. Which is why I started nicely pestering my friends at both Speed Stacks and Awana years ago about the need for a partnership. After many brain storming meetings with the Sport Stacking experts at Speed Stacks and the Awana Game experts at Awana we have come up with some really fun games for the Awana Circle. Next, we had nearly 50 churches try them out during the last club year, and offer laboratory-tested improvements to make them even better! And now… (drum roll…) …

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TODAY is the BEST DAY of your LIFE!

This is a school assembly I did at my niece Megan’s school back when Order of the Ancient came out. It was a lot of fun – it focuses on the Power of Story, and the joy of childhood. Adults and Kids alike will enjoy the stories and entertainment. It was supposed to be an ‘author assembly’ – but instead of talking about my novel, I decided to talk about why stories are so powerful, and why we all are so drawn to stories, and inspire kids to enjoy every day… TODAY! ENJOY: If you want my novel, you can check out the website here, and order it here. There is also a group discussion guide available.

Happy 19th Anniversary! (on the 19th!)

Yup! It’s the 19th and we are celebrating 19 years of trying to figure out how to turn two people into one. And we’re doing OK. I told her when we got engaged, “Just remember, everything that is yours will be mine, and everything that is mine will be mine, and we’ll do fine!” She told me, “Just remember – Rule #1: The Wife is Right. Rule #2: If the wife ever isn’t right, refer to Rule #1.” At our wedding Pastor Erwin Lutzer, of Moody Church in Chicago, told a very touching story. He said, “As Sara was standing at the back of the church before the ceremony and about to enter to the music and was looking down the aisle that would forever change the path of her life, she was reflecting on that aisle. Then, she looked upon the altar where she would make the vows that would bind her for life to the man she had chosen, and so she thought about that altar. And then lastly she looked upon him – the man to whom she would soon be married and spend the rest of her life with, and so in her final moments of …

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