Karl in CA at Servant’s Conference


If you are in Southern California, I invite you to join me at the Children’s Ministry Servants Conference March 27 and 28, 2015. I’m excited about this conference because it reminds me so much of the Kidology University conferences I did for ten years (15 events in three states!) and the spirit behind them that was exactly why I did those. The founder of the event, Stef, wrote: The vision for Children’s Ministry Servants Conference was born out of my own experience in Children’s Ministry. I was “thrown into” CM without any training, when I think of that now, I cringe. I decided that no one should ever experience what I did those first few years of leading the ministry. After prayer and conversation with the senior pastor, we decided that this would be a good thing to offer others. So in 1999 our first conference took place. This year will mark our 16th anniversary. The theme this year is “Passing It On – Reaching the Millennial Generation” Attendees are from non-denominational as well as denominational churches in the So Cal area and nearby states The training team for the conference is as diverse as those who attend it. From …

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Kidology Coaching Better Than School


Perhaps you have considered Kidology Coaching. Perhaps it has never crossed your mind. Either way, I think the letter below from one of our recent graduates will best describe the dramatic difference coaching can make in your ministry. I know there are many children’s ministry leaders out there who will relate to Jennifer’s story, shared here, with her permission. See if you don’t see yourself in the note below. Then consider what coaching might just do for your ministry. There is honestly no other kidmin coaching program available that provides the experience and results that Kidology Coaching does. Karl, After just completing Kidology Coaching Program, I want to thank you for all that this program has offered to the growth of my ministry and myself.  When I started this coaching program in November of 2011, I was very intimidated by other “Giants” in Children’s Ministry around me.  Children’s Ministry seemed very unfocused because I was bouncing all over the place putting out little fires of things that needed to be done (just not by me). When I began in Children’s Ministry I was very overwhelmed. I did not go to Bible School or Seminary, and my only experience working with children …

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What’s Your Theology of Children’s Ministry?


Have you developed a theology of children’s ministry? That very sentence will intimidate many. “Theology” sounds like something for seminary professors, right? However, theology is simply what you believe about God and everything else related to Him. Perhaps you’ve never even heard of a theology of children’s ministry. It’s OK if you haven’t! But let me ask you a few questions that help reveal why it is important. What happens when a parent tells you they don’t believe that a child can accept Christ? What do you say to a pastor who says he won’t allow children to be baptized until they are 12, because before that they can’t possibly know what they are doing? How do you answer a parent who would like to have their infant baptized so that they can go to heaven? What will you tell the youth pastor who says that the salvation decisions of children “don’t count,” as he invites teenagers to come to Christ after the “age of accountability?” What would you say to an adult who wants to be baptized because he isn’t sure if he was sincere enough when he came to Christ (or was baptized) as a child? What will …

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No More “Tannerization” at Kidology

Steve Tanner and Karl Bastian

After over ten years as the self-described “Swiss Army Knife” of Kidology, Steve Tanner has accepted a new challenge and will be moving on from our ministry. What is “Tannerization?” Whenever something has passed through Steve’s hands, we have long called it “Tannerized” to describe the quality control and excellence that Steve has brought to our team. While we are sad to see him go – we celebrate all that he has brought to this ministry, and are excited for what God has for him next. Steve will remain a friend of everyone at Kidology! What will the future hold for Kidology in a post-Steve era? Only God knows! But while we scramble a bit to re-organize and search for what’s next, interview potential new staff and make sure everything is up and running before he leaves… we are reflecting on how thankful we are for God bringing Steve to Kidology and what a great job he did! There was never a dull moment with Steve around – his knowledge of all things technical, Disney, Marvel, and just about everything else made working with him always interesting and entertaining. If you really want to know all he did, you might …

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Everything is Proceeding as God Has Foreseen


I love collaborating with other creative children’s pastors! And that’s just what I did to put together this FREE Easter lesson called Foretold. The idea was Stanley Mearse’s. “Why don’t we do a lesson that explores all the Old Testament scriptures that were fulfilled in the New Testament in Jesus?” I loved it! He compiled the verses, I pulled together some past lesson components – we sent the document back and forth adding ideas and tweaking, and now it’s available! It’s got some amazing (but easy!) illusions where you demonstrate your “power” to predict, but then explain the difference between a prediction and a prophesy. It’s also got one of the messiest yet most memorable egg object lessons you’ll ever do that I did my Rookie Year, and grown kids still talk about it! So download FORETOLD today!

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