Reunited after 31 Years!


Thanks to Facebook, I reconnected with two childhood friends over Christmas break while in California. And what better place than Portillo’s – a popular chain I discovered in Chicago that now has a location in Buena Park, California. (Just down the street from Knott’s Berry Farm.) Dennis I’ve known since we were in a 4th and 5th combination class at Gompers Elementary. I don’t remember now which grade it was, but Dennis transfered in mid-year and soon we were best buds. We met Richard a few years later and by junior high (Bancroft Junior High) and during my freshman year at Lakewood High School, we walked to and from school together every day down Coldbrook Avenue. I moved away to Chicagoland that summer and as often happens, I lost track of them. Over the years I often tried to look them up and a few years ago we found each other online. I believe Richard actually found me and then connected me with Dennis, as they had kept in touch. In fact, until just recently, Richard lived in the same house having inherited from his parents. He lived there for like 40 years! I could have just gone and rang …

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Merry Christmas from Kidology


Merry Christmas from Karl Bastian and Team Kidology! I was only a few months old when I participated in my first nativity re-creation with my big sister. I don’t remember it, of course, but I am so thankful for my mom and dad who made Christmas special every year – and who made Christ the focus of our celebration. There are so many wonderful distractions this month – most of them good things! But the DAY has finally arrived. No more waiting. No more anticipation. No more shopping or lines! No trying to find a parking spot! The day is here. Time to Chill. Eat. Laugh. Relax. Give gifts. (And get some!) Some of you may not even check e-mail. That’s good! But if you peeked, I just want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas from my family, and everyone at Kidology. Isn’t it cool that on Jesus’ Birthday we all give gifts to each other? But the Greatest Gift can never be topped! In the midst of all the activities, be sure to find that quiet moment to simply reflect on that Gift and how much a difference He has made in your life. We can get so …

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Creative Video Bible Story Telling


We’ve all seen and perhaps used videos in children’s church. But did you know you can make your own? Here is a GREAT sample from a church where I’ll be doing some teaching training in the new year (via skype). I think it is a great example of how you can make a video that requires NO MEMORIZED LINES! Kids LOVE to see themselves on video – as well their friends. Plus, the experience of making the video also reinforces the learning process. Here is how the creator of the video described it: This was a project that was Jesus-inspired.  I have NO videography, director, script writing, etc. experience, but after a test run with my kids I thought this could be doable.  It’s shot on my iPhone 6 and as you know, edited on iMovie. The beauty of this project is a) no memorized lines; b) the film shoot can be chaotic and I’m giving directions the whole time, but it’s all muted and voiced over; c) isn’t dependent on kids all showing up on a given Sunday to perform and half of them are out for colds or vacation; d) gives parents something to take home and share; …

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Dan Huffman and Creatively Reaching Kids

dan-huffman is the small ministry publisher. Dan Huffman is one of the most creative Children’s Pastors that I know. He often credits Kidology with helping him get started and providing his “blue print” for ministry – but since then, he has always blown me away with the creative ways he reaches children.One of the BEST Christmas Series I’ve ever seen is Dan’s The Stars of Christmas! Dan understands the value of video teaching – but has created a strategy he called “Media Rich but Teacher Driven.” As Dan says, “kids learn best when they are known and loved,” so small group times are done throughout the entire teaching experience. Best of all – he designed it to be easy! But ‘easy’ doesn’t mean it isn’t excellent. It is Top Notch! He is also the creator of the Great Adventure Cards – something he created to counter the obsession with Pokemon Cards that he observed in his ministry. A spin-off from these amazing Bible Cards is the Good News Cards, one of the most engaging and fun Gospel presentations I’ve ever seen. While the Bible Cards are earned for coming to church, bringing your Bible, friends, participating, etc. – The Good …

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Johnny Magic BOX OPENING!


I’ve known Johnny Magic for many years. I’ve performed with him, highly recommended him, and learned from him as well. I like to joke that I want to be more like him when I grow up, except he is younger! So you can imagine how excited I was when Johnny Magic created a Magic Kit for kids! However, this is much more than just another magic kit. In addition to amazing tricks presented in a very cool case where kids can store them, it also includes an app with video instruction, another with background music and sound effects and yet another that is a super cool ticket scanner for your child’s show. (all free!) Beyond all that, Johnny includes training that will help kids learn how to be a great performer or presenter whether they use magic or another creative art. So when my son’s kit arrived in the mail – we made it an event and filmed the UNBOXING! Enjoy! Order yours TODAY! What a fantastic Christmas or Birthday Present! P.S. You can listen to Johnny explain the Magic Kit and the idea behind it on my latest podcast.