Here are some samples of Karl speaking in different venues. You can also visit Karl’s YouTube Channel for a variety of videos he has posted.

Leading a Keynote Session at a Children’s Ministry Conference (VAULT Conference, Ottawa, Canada)

Teaching Kid’s Church (at Grace Chapel as a Guest Teacher)

Teaching Kid’s Church (at Cherry Hills Community Church as a Guest Teacher) See Also: Dead End at the Dead Sea

My “One Man Christmas Story” taught at Cherry Hills Community Church, December 2013

Performing a Family Fun Night Magic Show 

School Assembly (1-6th Grade; Calvary Christian School, Tustin, California)

Youth Leading (Games that Teach!) See Also: Paper, Rock, Scissors & Learning to Listen Game

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  1. good to “see” you again :) ‘member your magic shows at the 50’s McDonalds lol

  2. Thanks! Yes, those were fun days ‘table hopping’ at the Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s in downtown Chicago as their ‘house magician.’ I not only got a lot of magic practice, but learned a lot about reading people, adapting my style to different personality and humor types, and how to manage repetition, when I was doing routines and jokes hundreds of times. I even learned how to work with drunk people! A great training ground for ministry. Tho I don’t deal with many drunks – just occasional irate parents or volunteers, which can be similar!! LOL

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