Here are some samples of Karl speaking in different venues. You can also visit Karl’s YouTube Channel for a variety of videos he has posted.

Leading a Keynote Session at a Children’s Ministry Conference (VAULT Conference, Ottawa, Canada)

Teaching Kid’s Church (at Grace Chapel as a Guest Teacher)

Teaching Kid’s Church (at Cherry Hills Community Church as a Guest Teacher) See Also: Dead End at the Dead Sea

My “One Man Christmas Story” taught at Cherry Hills Community Church, December 2013

Performing a Family Fun Night Magic Show 

School Assembly (1-6th Grade; Calvary Christian School, Tustin, California)

Youth Leading (Games that Teach!) See Also: Paper, Rock, Scissors & Learning to Listen Game

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  • Cass

    good to “see” you again :) ‘member your magic shows at the 50′s McDonalds lol

  • kidologist

    Thanks! Yes, those were fun days ‘table hopping’ at the Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s in downtown Chicago as their ‘house magician.’ I not only got a lot of magic practice, but learned a lot about reading people, adapting my style to different personality and humor types, and how to manage repetition, when I was doing routines and jokes hundreds of times. I even learned how to work with drunk people! A great training ground for ministry. Tho I don’t deal with many drunks – just occasional irate parents or volunteers, which can be similar!! LOL