The Red Baron

a.k.a. Doug Bastian

Now, whenever you cross the street,
look THREE ways...

Right, Left.... and UP!

As you may know, my dad has taken to the skies! That is, he is taking flying lessons. I recently had the dangerous experience, er, I meant to say, the PRIVILEGE of traveling with him up, up, up into the almost clear blue sky during one of his lessons! And with NO parachutes on board! Now THAT is faith in your dad! The experience really gave me a rise! Or should I say, it was an up-lifting experience? Anyway, I decided to throw this web page together to give you a lift!

Here are some pictures of that day I thought you might enjoy! I put them all on one page, so be patient while they load... and keep checking out your window..... you never know what may be flying overhead!!!

Here's Dad with his airplane.





"What's this button?"





On our way up!










Leaving the airport behind...





Is Dad just wingin' it?





Good thing I skipped breakfast!





Here's a wheel good view!





I-294 and the Calumet River.





Getting higher...





See the Sear's Tower?
(Neither could I, but it's there!)





Care for some golf? Par 300!





Turning right....





Turning left....





Turning.... uh oh....





Where's that little baggie in the seat in front of you?!





What's that WARNING light blinking for?





So many dials, so little time!





Coming back!





Ah... there it is!





Getting closer...





Getting closer...





Now THAT'S close!





Tower: "747 on your tail...better hurry!"





"I did it!"






Hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did!

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