Final Day in Yosemite…

I was kinda sad leaving, and yet grateful for four days of perfect gorgeous weather, lots of fun animal sightings, and plenty of awesome opportunities for photography. Probably my favorite part about being here is trying to capture in new or unique ways images that have been seen through millions of cameras for over a hundred years. Rather than just ‘Ooo, that’s pretty!’ point and shoot, I try to find a different way to capture it. Anyway, I try. :)

The Tunnel is Calling…

My first adventure of the day was something that I am sure few people do. In the middle of the long drive in there is a tunnel through a mountain that is extreeeeemely long. The first day through, about in the middle, I looked off the side facing the valley wondering if I would see what I hoped would be there – YES! Toward the middle there is a tunnel, a man-made cave that leads straight out to the side of the mountain. (Often built for air, and for an emergency exit if the ends of the tunnel were to collapse) I declared that first day that I must climb through that dark cave and see that view of the valley! I finally did it yesterday… I counted my paces into the tunnel, and 350 paces in, (over 750 feet) I was to the inner secret tunnel….

A tunnel hidden within a tunnel… beckoning still…

It was actually quite scary at first, because the first 40-50 paces are in PITCH BLACK – and I wondered if a wild animal might live in here!! The floor was rocky and uneven, as were the walls. A little over 75 paces in I got to the lit opening…

A caged end to the cave – no escape now

The view was spectacular – and nice to know that probably few people have taken the time to see this even if they did notice the cave in the tunnel.

Look for Yosemite Falls in the distance…

The other side of the cage was a few feet, and then sheer drop.

To jump or not to jump….. not to jump.

We spent one last leisurely day in Yosemite Valley – lunch along the river, and mild hiking. It was a beautiful day, I could just stay here forever and stop working. But, I think I would get hungry since the paycheck would probably stop too.

God’s Way of Saying, “I love you.”

Some really tall grass…

The final highlight of the day, was spotting some climbers on El Capitan – one of the most famous climbs in America…

See the climbers?

You had to strain your eyes, and look for dots that moved. Amazing to imagine their view from up there!

Look very lower left corner…

Two climbers in this picture.

Zoomed and Enhanced – see the climber now? I see Nike shoes!

Our final stop was Cascade Falls which is on the way out (and in, but we were on the way out) – most people take pictures from the bridge (as I did on the way in the first day), but today I climbed down under the bridge. Cascade Falls is TWO waterfalls falling separately above, in fact, there are two bridges next to each other, but once under the bridge, you can walk a short distance to where the two rivers meet to become one right before dropping over a cliff. I took a lot of DV video for my upcoming Worship DVD that I plan to make with all my pictures, but here is one:

Too bad photos can’t capture the noise!

As we were driving to our B&B for last night, I spotted a horse reflection off the side of the road… yes, I couldn’t see the horse, but I saw it’s reflection… so I asked Sara, who was driving, to stop and back up, and then I hopped out. Took a bunch of cool pictures of my own secret Mirror Lake, er, Pond….

A horse, of course, no four!

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