The 3 Penny Missionary Game

This simple, fun game helps children understand how a church is planted on the mission field.

Help children understand the process of a missionary planting a church. As kids play this game, they will learn the up and downs (or forward and backwards) progress of planting a church.

All that is needed is the PDF Game Board linked below (best printed on card stock) along with second page of explanation. (Which can be printed on the opposite side if you’d like.)

Each child needs a small marker of some kind – a coin, bean, bead or other small item that looks different from whatever the other players use. 3 Pennies are used instead of dice to help emphasize the need to raise money.

You can either give every child their own playing board, or they can team up in groups of two or three.

This basic board game takes them through the stages of planting a church. The second page (or backside if you print two-sided) explains each step. As you play, the leader can be reading the explanations as a child reaches them.

Let the kids keep a copy of the game to take home. They can play again with their family to further the learning and even help parents better understand the challenges that missionaries face.

Perfect for any Missions Sunday or emphasis, special event child care or any time you have the opportunity to educate kids on missions.

Remember: Around 80% of Missionaries received their Call to Missions as a child, before they were tied down with things that discourage them from this life of Adventure and Kingdom Building!

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