Birthday Parties

If you want to give your child the BEST birthday party entertain available – look no farther. It is hard to describe what I do, but keep reading!


Not a stock photo! Taken at one of my events.

We’ve all had those magicians or clowns who come, do their shtick, ask for the check and split. Often the parents are left frustrated because the timing wasn’t ideal for the party due to factors either out of their control, or unanticipated, or cringing because of humor that wasn’t appropriate for the children.

You might call me the customizable party-planning magician. Not that I plan your party – but I do help. And I come for the whole party!


Adults as well as children will enjoy the show.

I know the hardest part of birthday parties for moms isn’t the entertainment slot, it is the beginning and end when kids are being dropped off and being picked up. (late) THAT is when they need entertainment!

I’m the first “kid” to arrive and the last to leave. (Without overstaying my welcome, of course!) If you have a theme, I’ll adapt my show to the theme. And of course, a magic show is optional. Often, we come up with other ideas. Like a scavenger hunt around the house for a Scooby Doo party or designing¬† building, launching and tossing games for an Angry Birds party. Have you ever had a Sport Stacking party? You know, those stacking cups? I’m a pro and have enough equipment for all the kiddos to stack! Honestly, no two parties I’ve ever done are the same. Yeah, I’ll lead the games too.

Typically, I start the party greeting the kids with puppets and end by doing balloon animals as parents are arriving. What happen in between we’ll figure out when we talk about your party!


From the large stage in front of hundreds, to a small gathering. Same quality.

How much do I cost? Let me start by telling you what I’m worth. I know, I know, but it’s important. Don’t skip ahead! When I did this full time I got $500 an hour. I’ve performed all over United States and in over a dozen countries. I’ve taught magic at the exclusive Magic Castle in Hollywood. I’ve performed for celebrities, sports teams, at famous restaurants, and in the Roman Colosseum. O.K., there were only twelve tourists there at the time, but that sure sounded good, didn’t it? The point is, I’m not your average “birthday party” magician. I’m a pro – but I’m also a pro who knows kids. My career is actually training people who work with kids. That’s where the name “The Kidologist” comes from. I’m kinda a Kid Expert. I get kids – their world, their humor and what they enjoy. I see the world through their eyes. It’s a child-like approach to entertainment, without being childish. I

f you browse around the rest of my blog, or my main site over at you’ll quickly see kids is my life passion. For churches I do presentations that teach, but for birthday parties I bring all that experience to your home and your kids have a great time!


I use lots of “assistants” from the audience!

When I lived in the North Shore of Chicago I got $500 for birthday parties and this was back in the 90’s. No worries, I’m not going to adjust for inflation, in fact, I charge a lot less now as I’m in a different place in life – and just love to entertain kids. My high fee was to cut back on the demand I was seeing because Moms loved my bookend approach – helping from the arrival of the kids to seeing them off. Now I just say no and limit what I do, while remaining accessible to families like mine, who don’t want to spend a fortune on a birthday party. If you’re a rich family and want to brag about what you paid the magician, by all means, you can still pay my former fee for bragging rights!


Indoors, outdoors, rented locations. No worries, I’m flexible!

BONUS: If you live in Parker, Colorado and are within 3 miles of my home, you get 50% off!

O.K. – here is. I charge $225 for a party. (You skipped ahead, didn’t you? After you go back and get back to here, read all you get with that!)

That may sound like a lot at first, but when you consider the cost of renting a place, buying goodie bags (yeah, I bring those!) or the “per child” fees of many recreational party places, it’s a steal. Your kids will be treated to a show, up close and personal, that large events often pay five times as much to see. I recommend you host it in your home, make a cake, and leave the rest up to me. It’s a bargain!


I can hold kids attention indefinitely, but will time the show to your party’s needs.

My fee provides:

  • kids4A two hour party. None of this, “tell me when to arrive” nonsense. (Also, this doesn’t count me arriving early to set up and I’ll stick around with the stragglers too, no problem. Within reason. If your sister or best friend is taking advantage of you, I eventually might hit the road. Good luck with that.)
  • All travel and lodging within 15 miles of my home. If you are farther away, we discuss that when we talk. The lodging is a joke. No worries, I’ll go home!
  • All expenses. No surprises. Unless your kid breaks one of my tricks. Just kidding!
  • TEN GOODIES BAGS! Yup, one less thing for Mom to worry about. More than ten kids? Each extra bag is only $4. They will be filled with some magical and fun goodies to send home. If you are an overachiever, you can add some more to the bags. No problem!
  • Food for my kid to eat next week. Well, why do think I do this? Gotta feed that kid somehow! Plus, I wanted to make the list a little longer looking.

Just FYI, I don’t bake cakes. Some moms do ask. Just thought I should mention it.


The most important aspect of a party is that the kids have a blast!

I look forward to hearing from you and finding out how I can help make your kids birthday amazing. You can e-mail me or call my cell phone. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I’m a dad, so I only do a few parties a month and never more than one in a day – so YOUR KID is my #1 priority that day.

So plan ahead! And contact me soon!


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