Luke’s Year and a Half Party!

It’s hard to believe it is true, but Baby Luke is now a year and a half old! Mom missed it because she was off becoming a Woman of Faith and I was watching a friend’s kids for the day, so after a trip to the Dollar Store for party stuff, we had a short but fun birthday party for Lukie.


It’s Party Time!


Notice one and a half cakes with one and a half candles!


Though help was needed blowing out the candles. The party was so exciting, here is Luke yawning as his candles are blown out!


The best part of the party for Luke, of course, was not the dollar store presents, it was getting to EAT CAKE, as you can see in this video:


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  1. Happy B-day Luke from your internet admirers here in DC.

    Karl, how did you make the KarlTube logo and all? I want to know how you are doing all this stuff. maybe you could post it here or over on your mac blog as well?

    Now, I am hungry for some Zebra cakes…mmmmmm…..

    KARL: What? Give away my KarlTube secret programming? :)

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