A Hazzard Birthday Party for my 8 Year Old

We celebrated Luke’s eighth birthday “Hazzard County” style! He’s loved the “Dukes” since he was little, just something about those cars flying through the air and crashing!


As is the annual tradition, Mom made an amazing cake to go with the theme:


You can enjoy a video tour of the cake here:

It was an amazing cake!


The Duke boys jumping the canyon over Boss Hog


The Hazzard Police having trouble catching the Duke boys!


Even Herbie made a visit to Hazzard County!

Luke wanted to decorate his own cake, so Mom gave him a cake he could have some fun with, so here is HIS cake:


Luke is proud of his cake!


Don’t you just want to eat this??

For our first game, I gave each of the kids a LEGO car chassis and let them get creative with my LEGO in building a car… then we sent them down a ramp to let them crash! They had so much fun:


Then Luke got TWO monster trucks that were designed to be able to run at the same time (often remote control vehicles signals conflict!) – so I set up a “Monster Truck Rally” and the kids took turns getting to race the monster trucks, it was a ton of fun. Here is a short YouTube video to show how it worked:

Then it was time for the Magic Show:


Of course, kids always love magic – but I decided to try something new that I had never done before – a magical talking General Lee who would wish Luke a “Happy Birthday!”


The Magic Talking General Lee!


So fun to see the kids go crazy with excitement!

Enjoy a video of the Magic Talking General Lee:

We are so proud of our “Luke Duke,” he is such a sweet boy – he is kind, considerate, considers the feelings of others, and has a heart of gratitude. He makes friends easily and wants every day to be an adventure. We can’t wait to see what God does with his life.


Mom and Dad with our Luke Duke from Hazzard!


Luke and his grand parents

By the end of the day, Luke was done with pictures – but what a great day we had celebrating our boy!


What a FUN Day!


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