Major League Bastian in Town

You may remember when I bragged that my little brother went to the Major Leagues! As an beat reporter that is. Well, he was in town this week for the Blue Jays vs. the White Sox series. But the first thing he did when he arrived was the Presentation:


The Presentation of the Frank Thomas Ball

In April I went to visit my brother in Dietroit and got to meet Frank Thomas. The highlight wasn’t meeting this famous ball hitter, it was hearing my little brother (who I taught baseball to) say, “Hey, Frank, I’d like you to meet my brother.” Of course, I wanted an auto-graph, but since we were in the clubhouse, and I was there with a temporary press pass, that is prohibited. So I had to settle for a hand shake. Even my brother, because he is press for Major Leage Baseball is not allowed to ask for autographes. So how did I get this?


My autographed Frank Thomas Ball!

Well, I also got to meet with John Gibbons, the Blue Jays manager, and after I left, he went and asked Frank for an autographed ball, and gave it to my brother and instructed him to give it to me. It must have pained him to hand it over, but he’s a good brother, and he obeyed the manager. He told me about it then, but I had to wait until the next visit to get the ball. So now I have it. Cool, huh?

But auto-graphed ball or not, the highlight is still getting to see my bro! Especially, when he calls in a favor to the White Sox beat reporter and scores me four tickets to Sundays game! I took some friends along and had a great time.


Is that a Cubs shirt with a Sox hat?!?!

I did where all White Sox to the game, but it was very hot, and so I wore my Cubs sleeveless shirt under the warm black WS jersey… which I had to shed until the shade finally covered us. But I promise, I am a Sox fan! Unless I go to that Cubs Game on Thursday. I guess I’m still conflicted. After questioning my Cubs fan status two years ago (when the Sox went all the way) I officially switched so I could cheer on the White Sox as a fan. But in the end, I guess I am a Chicago Fan! I’ll accept free tickets to either team!


Frank a Blue Jay?

It was kinda weird seeing Frank as a Blue Jay hitting against the Sox. But he’s not the first Sox to wear Blue Jays at Celluar Field. I did it at great risk last year!


The “Big Hurt” hurtin’ as he struck out at all at bats.

It was great to see my brother again, it’s never often enough! We even got a visit with Gramma in:


Me, Gram, and Jordan.

and I just have to include a picture of Luke with the shirt and Jordan and Auntie Kelly got him:


Born to be Blogged!

Is that not a perfect shirt for him? He is probably the most blogged boy in history!


Luke and his Great Grandmother, Maggie
(photo by Jordan, edited by Karl)

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  1. I love that T-shirt! It is perfect for Luke :)

  2. Oh, and the Blue Jays won.

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