Hungry for a Savior?

Whenever there is a cultural phenomenon like Hunger Games, what is seldom asked is why so many people are drawn to the movie.

There has been a great deal of discussion over whether the movie is a good or evil and what the deeper messages of the books and film are, but when James Cameron’s Titanic broke all previous records, the block buster sales taught us a lot more about a woman’s desire to find a man willing to die for her, than it did about a famous ship’s collision with an ice berg. What does 450 million dollars in three weeks tell us about our culture?  Money spent to see a young girl defy a culture devoid of morals and that devalues human life? Especially when the young people flocking to see the film live in a culture nearly devoid of morals and that ever increasingly devalues human life? It’s a bit ironic!

Perhaps the young people we are wringing our hands over (who are a product of today’s adults, by the way) are not as ignorant and naive as we think. Perhaps they see what is happening in the world around them and they are hungry for a savior? Have we gotten so out of touch with our culture today that they can’t see the Church and Christ as the Answer? Have we become so like the world that they see no difference? (Statistics would suggest so.)

May there be Katniss Everdeens among our young people willing to stand up to the World, who might discover the real Christ and find that they can fight the World, not lose who they are. May they discover that they can be in the World, but not of it, and make a real difference! May what they Hunger for be found in Christ – even if the Church and those who profess Christ have let them down and failed to reflect Him accurately.

Perhaps the popularity of this film reflects not a love of violence but an awareness that not all is well in our culture and what entertains the adults above them. Could it be this film reflects a hunger for someone to stand up against it all and say, “Enough is Enough. No more.”

It ought to be us, but it may need to be a new generation of youth must rise to lead the charge. Hunger Games may just wake some up. Wouldn’t that be a twist?


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  1. Great points- I think that Katniss stood up to fight for the innocence of her sister. We need to be deliberate in telling kids they need to stand up for their own innocence.

  2. And for all the adults out there, I can’t wait when we can start to remember those forgotten virtues again. Really looking forward to Craig Groeschel’s new book- Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World. I hope that churches begin to attack this problem.

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