The Music of Star Wars…

After living in Chicago since 1985, I finally have been to Ravinia, and boy am I late! I’d heard good things about it, but somehow never went there. I must be the only Moody guy who didn’t take a date there (which is part of why I didn’t), and it exceeded my expectations.

(the girls all playing a game as we wait for the music to start)

Well, it took the ‘Music of Star Wars’ – to get me to finally go – with a very large group of friends from church… it was a great group date with no kids. For only $12 you get to sit on the lawn with your blankets, chairs, snacks, etc. and enjoy the music coming from the Pavillion.

If you squink, you can see stormtrooper in the front of the orchestra. (Boba Fett if you have great eyes!) I would have gotten a better picture, but the ushers came over and said I couldn’t take any more pictures with zoom.

The actor who played the young Boba Fett narrated the story as the music wove through all six movies in order. His accent was fun – “Queen I’m a Dollar,” or “Luke went back to the Falcon where he was comforted by Larry” (Leah) When they played the Imperial March a ‘Darth Vader’ from the Vader’s Fist, 501st marched around waving a red light saber. (It would have looked less dorky if he had just marched with the troopers, and not waved the saber around like a bafoon.)

Since you are supposed to be quiet during the music, I brought a book to read – and what better to read during Star Wars music, than a Star Wars book?! I am enjoying reading ‘Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters.’

Curious about the book? Online review: Written by award-winning radio personality Dick Staub, this compelling book is filled with anecdotes from the Star Wars films that serve as a launching pad into rediscovering authentic Christianity. Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters also contains quotes from revered “Jedi Christians” such as Thomas Merton, Teresa of Avila, the Apostle Paul, G. K. Chesterton, and other theologians, mystics, writers, and philosophers. The author sheds new light on the struggles and challenges of living faithfully in postmodern life and offers a reintroduction to what C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien called the “one true myth,” Christianity.

From the Inside Flap
Star Wars, one of the most enduring pop cultural phenomena of our day, is a spiritual mythology built around a universal energy called “the Force” and a Jedi’s ability to use it. The overt spiritual themes in the Star Wars films convey remarkable theological truths to a younger generation that is dissatisfied with religion but hungry for a spiritual quest. They want to be “Jedi Christians” and are looking for Yoda! Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters opens the door to a fresh exploration of spiritual truth in Christianity by viewing it through the lens of the Jedi Masters.

Here I am practicing what I’m reading….Hmmm, maybe the book is having a negative effect on me….

Anyway, it was an awesome evening, and I definately want to return to Ravinia again, and maybe without the light sabers next time. :)

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  1. You have to visit this site!

    Particularly scroll down to where Anakin is standing before the chancellor making reference to um…the Jedi Council?

  2. Sounds like a ton of fun! Last weekend when I was going shopping for a kid’s birthday present I ended up buying myself all three of the new SW lightsaber toys (the plastic ones, though I do own a Force FX which is AMAZING) because I coulnd’t decide which one to get! Also, I tried to contact you through kidology, but I never got a reply. And I’m still interested in racing!


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