New from KidCheck… Introducing YouthCheck!

The Only Check-In System Designed for Youth!

Kids in your organization grow up fast, and as they mature, they have different needs and requirements when participating. Teens and young adults want independence, desire autonomy, and are fluent in using technology. They attend independently or are dropped off and usually check themselves in on their own. YouthCheck meets these changing needs.

YouthCheck is a full-featured check-in system with a youth-driven design that offers the same ease of use and extensive security features as KidCheck’s children’s check-in. It’s engaging and age-appropriate while encouraging accountability and connection.

As a leader, you’ll love it because:

  • You’re in control and know who is checked in, when, and where.
  • You can easily connect with youth and/or emergency contacts with broadcast email and text messaging.
  • You have access to any provided medical information and release forms.
  • The shared admin notes provide at-a-glance updates on behavior, special needs, or recent struggles.
  • It creates youth accountability and responsibility.
  • The MIA report lets you know who hasn’t attended in a while.

Youth will love it because:

  • Check-in is fast and easy using the YouthCheck app.
  • Checking-in with a system designed for youth shows them they are seen as young adults.
  • They’re in charge of their own check-in account.
  • They create their account with key contact information.
  • They decide who to designate as an emergency contact.
  • It enables them to share important personal and medical information.
  • It empowers them to be accountable and responsible.

Families will love it because:

  • They have the option to receive check-in and check-out notifications, keeping them informed about the status of their youth.
  • It provides attendance tracking for on-site and off-site events.
  • There’s an option for their child to share important personal and medical information.
  • It increases overall safety and provides immediate access to emergency contacts.
  • They can simply check a box in an existing KidCheck account to enable YouthCheck.
  • Kids check-in on their own without the need for adult involvement.

YouthCheck provides accountable, connected, and engaging check-in that delivers ease-of-use, increased efficiency, improved safety, and empowers youth.

The YouthCheck app is available for youth to download for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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