Teach Kids “How to Use My Bible”

DiscipleTown Unit 2I travel to many churches as a guest speaker or trainer and am very often stunned by how little need there is for Bibles in most children’s ministries. I consider teaching with and out of a Bible to be the fundamental basis of my instruction to kids.

While I use puppets, object lessons, media clips, illusions, and more to creatively teach and engage children, these are never a substitute for teaching with and out of a Bible. Only the Bible has God’s promise of effectiveness. And yet, the Bible is a rare object in perhaps most children’s ministries today. This is a tragedy!

Kids learn by what they see – they need to see you teaching with and from an actual Bible. And the learn by what they do – reading in and from an actual Bible.

This is main reason I wrote the “How to Use My Bible“, the second installment in the DiscipleTown Kid’s Church curriculum that we’re producing in conjunction with DiscipleLand. For children, the Bible can be a very intimidating book simply due to its size. This 4-5 week unit will help erase kids’ impressions of the Bible as a giant, overwhelming volume that will take years to wade through.

Kids will get the chance to view the Scriptures as a collection of smaller books written personally for them. “How to Use My Bible” also helps introduce children to exciting tools that will help them delve more deeply into the Bible, building their confidence while they gain a broader understanding of how the Bible is organized.

How to Use My Bible” is a stand-alone unit, although it makes a great follow-up if you also have DiscipleTown’sHow to Worship God“. Either way, it’s a great tool to motivate kids to practice applying biblical principles to their daily lives. The Bible is not just a book to be studied —- but God’s Book that can change their world!

Pick it up today via immediate download in the Kidology Store. If you are a Kidology Premium Member, you save $5! It’s a great deal to teach the ideals of how to use God’s Word.

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