Bible Boot Camp TRAINING DAY!

Bible Boot Camp Training Day is a way for your kids to GEAR UP with their Bibles and have some FUN working with their friends (Squad) to play competitive games while learning how to navigate their Bibles, look up Bible verses, and review key Bible stories and concepts… all while having a blast! 8 Different Bible-Based Challenges (games) are included, each containing a physical and Bible challenge.

If you are looking for an Army-themed series, Bible Boot Camp 4-Week Series provides you with the drills to train and equip kids for Spiritual Battle! Bible Boot Camp Training Day can be a fun intro to the 4-week series!

Regardless of what series you’re using, you can still use BIBLE BOOT CAMP TRAINING DAY! This theme is fun any time!

This SUPER SUNDAY CHALLENGE can be used as a special event to boost attendance, break your usual Sunday mold, and bring a whole new level of excitement to your children’s ministry!

The point is to teach kids how to navigate their Bibles and learn key concepts while having fun!


  • Event PDF with description of each game
  • Bible Boot Camp Training Day Screen Image
  • Flags for up to 8 Squads
  • Game Signs for each Challenge
  • Printable graphics for each game
  • Bible Boot Camp Training Day Logo

You can purchase this amazing planning kit in the Kidology Store for only $19!

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