Super Bowl Cake is a Winner, Even if the Bears Aren’t!

I know that all of ChicagoLand is depressed and that Jeff Bradley is going to give me a hard since my Bears let me down after all of our instant messaging “trash talk”… I don’t think I dare turn on iChat for a few days… we were really going at it the last few days, and now he gets to gloat and say “I told you so” instead of me.

But if the Bears didn’t shine, my wife did! So rather than try to give any football commentary (and make a fool of myself) instead this blog’s purpose is simply to show off the AWESOME and AMAZING SUPER BOWL CAKE that my wife made for our Bears Party. And please, do leave her some comments… I know she’ll be checking!

But is this an awesome cake or what?!?!?!? It should have been illegal to cut into it!

Feast your eyes on this: (since only we got to actually feast on IT)

PS: My sister will also instant message me a complaint if I don’t mention that SHE made the gummy team logos in the end zones. Pretty cool, eh?

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  1. The punishment has already started, the first e-mail I got today was from Jeff:

    “We it’s the day after. And I don’t even have to say a word. Bears Lose & colts win”

    Hmmm, for not having to say a word… he did! Humph!

    I’m thinking there was a song once called, “Blame it on the rain….”?

  2. From one behind “the cheddar curtain” – S’s cake was the winner of yesterday’s SB event!

  3. That cake ROCKS! Nice job ladies.

  4. Sara, awesome cake!! Wish we could have been there to enjoy it!

    Theresa, Jessica and Amanda

  5. Wow! Sara, we have a few parties coming up at our house if you want to make any of our cakes! Awesome job.

  6. Wow, Karl! That was a great game. The Bears did great. The Colts did great. We’ll just call all of us winners!. Philippians 2:3 NIV :)

    Sara wonderful cake! I hope Karl didn’t mind you using all his toys to decorate around it.

    Also I think I recognized the guy in the third row, section D seat 54? Yes! you thought he used to to be a bear’s fan but he seemed to be rooting for the Colts.


  7. What an awesome cake! Karl your inner bear might not have been so wounded if you hadn’t put that COLT acrostic on the kidology network site! Of course now you must be punished…. I love gummy bears!! Of course in Montana we love gummy grizzly bears!

    Brett Belleque

  8. Not only did I make the emblems, I provided the cake pan too. :-) Sara, you did AWESOME and I had a blast making it with you. Fun times. We had a much better time eating our cake than watching the BEARS. Maybe next year. Sounds like another Chicago team I know. I guess the BEARS are just grown up Cubs.


  9. Incredible cake, Sara! How many does that feed?
    No gloating here…since the Broncos didn’t make the playoffs, my heart just wasn’t in it this year (heavy sigh).

  10. wow, sara, i am impressed! Great cake!

  11. Hey Sara and Melissa, neat cake! Even if it was for the Bears, who beat the Seahawks in the playoffs this year. Actually, I am more about the snacks too than watching the football game (yawn) anyway!

  12. I also took a lot of ribbing and will really get hit hard this Sunday, but seeign this cake and the labor of love put into my beloved Bears warms my heart!

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