iAm iNow inLine iFor iMy iPhone


OK, I am now in line at the Apple Store…. I went to Northbrook Court, a smaller mall hoping for better luck after a friend TMed me from Woodfield (Chicago areas biggest mall, in fact the largest in the country where i usually go) and told me the line is over 50. I’m guessing I am near 100th though I haven’t counted. I am in the third section. Sara and Luke are coming to hang out and shop, and more importantly, to feed me. Sara was also bringing me a chair but the mall won’t allw you to sit in a chair! The woman in front of me has a chair but can’t sit in it! she has to sit on the floor (in a dress) with her chair folded up next to her. What’s with that? Maybe it could be a weapon! But wait, it makes a better weapon folded up and is more likely to be used by an enraged woman against a stupid mall guard. So wouldn’t it be safer just to let her sit in it?

Anyway… so here I am, sitting on the floor with two and a half hours to kill until the store opens, and then who knows how long to buy the phone. I’ll keep ya posted, this is my last day posting from my Treo. (which I was never able to do on blogger, but on this new wordpress blog I finally can)

send me a TM at karlonthego@kidologist.com to encourage me if you want. or leave a comment.

UPDATE: Sara has arrived and I asked her to count the people in front of me….. (drum role)…. ok, here it is, I am number 97 in line! So my guess was pretty close! She also took the picture above.

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  1. What did you get for super? What no picture?

  2. I’m in teh store right now, on one of their macs, haven’t eaten yet!!!! no need for food…. i have iPhone! (almost)

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