Let’s Go to Children’s Church


If you are looking for a simple and easy children’s church curriculum for ages 3-7, check out this first time CPC exhibitor.



Includes a two year curriculum of biblically based lessons supported by simple but creative crafts and music. There are even some cooking lessons.


Learn more at www.teachcc.com
Ask for Kathie and tell her Karl sent you.

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  1. This was a booth where I was learned something new. I was asking Kathie concerning the stories and passages the curriculum covered, and she showed me the Scripture index. I immediately found fault with it, saying Acts came before Genesis in this index and Zechariah is the last one listed. Then I realize that the Scripture index was in alphabetical order.

    That’s a great idea. While I (seminary-trained, experienced, children’s pastor) tend to think about Scripture in Bible book order, most kids (and a lot of Sunday school teachers) would find the alphabet a better and more logical order.

  2. I have used this curriculum for the past year now and have really found it to be an ideal resource. The lessons are easy to follow and adapt to whatever age group needed. I personally have used it for pre-k through 5th grade and the kids are always ready to participate during the stories and crafts. I have found it to be unique in the fact that everything in scripture based.

    If you are looking for a curriculum that is going to point your program and children to a foundation in Christ this is the one.

  3. Excellent resourse. I have used it in several situations..Children’s church, Preschool, and Children’s moment in church. Easy object lesson that is very volunteer friendly. In these days of struggling economy, this series is very affordable in order to church budgets. The best part is the scripture lesson for a child’s heart and mind.

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