Please Forgive Me (free song)

Today I want to post a FREE SONG from my church’s worship pastor, as well as part of an e-mail he sent out to introduce it.


Worship, Prayer and Healing by Mark Chaffee

Worship is who we are. Worship is what we do. We were MADE to worship. It is not something we can turn on and off like a water faucet, rather it flows from us like an untamable river. The only control we posses is in who or what we choose to worship at any particular time. Scripture abounds with encouragement of only worshipping the one true living God. Romans 1 talks of how people have “…exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.” (v. 25) The same is true of us today. At any given moment we could be worshipping ourselves, our possessions, time, job, money, family, friends, or any other “created” thing. If our focus is not on God, but something else, then in that moment we are placing the created above the creator. Wow, that is tough, isn’t it? In fact, I know of only one person who has ever been able to keep God at the center of his attention at all times, and that was Jesus himself. One of our goals in becoming more Christ-like is to keep working at making God the center of all we do at all times. Does this mean we ignore every other activity in our lives? Certainly not! But what it does mean is that we can make God a part of every activity. Let’s continue to always worship, whether it be in business meetings, washing dishes, changing diapers, moving the lawn, studying for a test, or driving the kids to soccer practice. If we rightfully place God at the head of all we do, then all we do is God directed. Of course, there is the added benefit of it lessening the chance of doing something we shouldn’t when we are constantly aware that He is with us!

So why do I mention this? Because we need to constantly remind ourselves that before anything, worship is our foundation. Again, it is what we were made to do, and the more we are able to keep our focus on God Himself, the more freely His blessing will flow to us. God speaks to us in Exodus 25:23 saying, “Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.” Before anything else, we worship. Then He blesses us and heals us.

FREE SONG HERE: Please Forgive Me (MP3 7.7mb)


“Please Forgive Me” pretty much came all at once to me. A quick and overwhelming flood of emotion from my soul. I have always had a very difficult time repenting. I don’t know if it is my embarrassment to admit that I am wrong, or knowing that if I come clean with God it will mean that I have to turn away from a sin that maybe I just don’t want to give up yet. Perhaps it is a little of both. Regardless, I have always found it to be a very painful process to get to the point of repentance, even though my experience with God has dictated that He is merciful and full of grace, and repenting is so freeing! Not exhausting at all! Yet, I continue to hem and haw about it, am slow to ask for His forgiveness, and am fearful in doing it. Go figure.

The song begins with the chorus, which is the central point to my dilemma: “I want to fall upon my knees / but the pain’s excruciating / I want to beg your forgiveness / but please forgive me, I’m afraid.” Resolution starts at the bridge as I bleed out the words David cried to God in Psalm 51:1, “Have mercy on me, O God / according to your steadfast love / According to your great compassion / eradicate my transgressions.” The final chorus paraphrases more of Psalm 51, “Wash away all my iniquity / and cleanse me from my sin / Wash me whiter than the snow, and then / recreate me once again.” If any of you have ever had a difficult time asking for forgiveness from God, or anyone else, I hope that this song can be an encouragement in the smallest of ways. I would also recommend taking some time with God, absorbing Psalm 51 in it’s entirety. It is some really powerful stuff!

karl: I hope you enjoy this song – there is nothing more deeply satisfying to the soul than to experience what it feels like to be forgiven, and to forgive. Living in forgiveness is like a refreshing fountain gushing out of your very soul. Try it, you’ll like it! 

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