Cubs? Sox? Free Tickets Buy My Fandom!

OK, I am officially still a Sox fan, but who can turn down free tickets to a Cubs game, especially the FIRST PLACE Cubs, and on Build-a-Bear Day! I got to be a good uncle and take my niece when travel plans and other conflicts prevented her family from getting to all go as originally planned when they got the tickets way in advance. Poor me.


Headin’ to Wrigley in Style!

My wife saw my “Do the Dew” hat as I left and said, “You don’t have a Cubs hat?” (um, I’m a Sox fan!) But I answered, “I will when I get back!” We went to pick up some friends (see below) and were on our way to root on the Cubs! I should mention that my niece is the only Cubs fan in her family, the rest are Sox fans, but she is loyal to her other uncle, (my brother), who is a serious Cubs fan.

My first pleasant surprise was that that there is FREE PARKING at a Cubs Game! Granted, we were there early to get a Prebuilt-a-Bear for the girls, but we parked right on the street just a few blocks away from the park, only one hour before the game. Hmmmmm. Can’t do that at a Sox Game.


A reason to switch back to being a Cubs Fan?!??

Then I saw it, a Taco Bell across the street from Wrigley Field! With a Cubs hat on the sign AND they let you take your Taco Bell into the park! Hmmmmm, maybe I should rethink this whole switch to Sox thing….



The Force is with Me

THEN I finally get to see one of the R2-D2 Mailboxes, right across from the park. I haven’t even gotten to the game and already… free parking… Taco Bell you can take in with you… R2-D2…. hmmmmm


Sprained? Strained? Twisted?
Call 1-877-Athletico! Save this number!

We finally got to the park, found our seats up where the birds fly, and settled in. With my extra two tickets I brought Master Ron, a new kids pastor, and his daughter, made our balloon hats, and settled in for the game.


It’s always fun with Master Ron around!

It’s fun to watch the fans… like these girls who kept holding their sign upside down, even after looking at it from the top (looks right to us!)…


Upside Down Fan Sign!

I did buy a hat, but I got a Wrigley Field hat since anything with a red C on it was $10 more! But I do like Wrigley Field. It just feels more like baseball than Sox Park which feels so commercial. (excuse me, US Cellular Field.. even the name, yuck!) Wrigley has little food and sourvenier shops tucked in every available spot, and a fun atmosphere. Our girls were squirting (well, misting) people who walked by our seats, since we were row 1 in front of a walk way, and it was 96 degrees out, and everyone was friendly, even the Phillies fans… which there were a LOT of there!


House Top Bleachers!

Plus, it is cool to see the skyline and the houses across the street that have bleachers set up on top of them!


Close up view of the house top bleachers.

We had a great time, despite the intense heat… at least we were in the shade. But by the time we got to the end of the long game, I remembered why I am no longer a Cubs fan… they lost, and I’ve never been to a winning Cubs game, even when they are supposedly in first place. Oh, well.


Uncle Karl with his any team baseball shirt on and niece

Like I said on Sunday night, GO SOX, GO CUBS, GO ANY TEAM someone gives me free tickets too… anyone got any Bulls tickets? I haven’t been to a Bulls game since Phil Jackson was there! I’d even go to a Bear Game!

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  1. Please spell FANDOM

    “Fandom… F – A – N – D- O – M… Fandom”

    That is correct!

  2. Also, Cingular Field? Granted, we all hate the corporate names, but if you’re going to claim to be a Sox fan in the least, at least call it by its actual name: U.S. Cellular Field. Or, if that’s too hard to remember, The Cell works fine, too.

    Karl: Funny, I put in Celluar Field, and thought, “that can’t be it” – too generic. Ah ha, US Cellular. Yeah, I’m not a very informed fan. but I DO like the team colors!

  3. Hey glad you had fun at the game! Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I have finnaly officialy joined the world of Mac and I am commenting from my brand new MacBook Pro 15”!!!

  4. Tricia had a lot of fun. Thanks for taking her. Just wanted to let you know you took a picture of our old condo. In your picture of the buildings there are four that look the same, we lived in the 3rd one from the right. 3600 Lake Shore Drive. Also, the tall building, Andre Dawson lived on the whole top floor when he was a cubbie.

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