Help My Friend’s Brother Win!


OK, for the first time I am asking my vast reading audience to help out a friend in need. It’s not a crisis, but with just a few minutes of effort you can help a good buddy of mine.

His name is Pastor Andy, and his brother Ray (Raymie) VanDerLinden has been chosen as a finalist in a contest to design the paint job on a NASCAR (Ryan Newman #12. The Kodak car). There are three days left in the competition and he is in second place.

Here is were you come in. If you are willing, you can visit the web link below and cast your vote for his brother’s car. It only takes half a minute, and could make the difference in him winning or coming in second place. You will need to fill out a quick entry form before you can vote. You are able to vote once per day for the next three days.

If he wins he will get to fly to California (all expenses paid) for a NASCAR race and his design will be painted on Ryan Newman’s race car. Andy’s brother is a huge NACAR fan, and this would be so cool if it happened. Make sure when you vote, you vote for Ray VanDerLinden, Springfield MO. His car is the only one with black in it.

If you vote, post a comment here so Andy can be encouraged! And if you don’t want to give out your e-mail, you can put a fake one in and still vote!

AND his car design really is the coolest, so you can vote and keep a clear conscience too!


Is that cool or what?!?!?!


As we say in Chicago, Vote Early, Vote Often!

8-10 UPDATE: He’s now in first place!


Thanks everyone who voted…

we will know the winner in vandercountdown.png from now!


My brother did won the on-line contest! It is a neat story. There were
three votes the winning car was supposed to receive:

1. The public vote – online
2. Ryan Newman the driver
3. An NBA player

All three were split, but because my brother had so many online votes he
won the contest!  Thanks everyone for your support! You can see a short article with a interview with my brother HERE.


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  1. I casted my vote from Argentina!!!!!

  2. Karl,

    Thanks for your help. You’re the man.

    Thank you to anyone who votes for my brother, we appreciate it. There are less than 2 days left.

  3. Hey everyone,

    Just an update. As of this afternoon my brother was back in the lead. Thanks for your help. If you haven’t voted yet be sure to vote, time is almost up.

  4. The winner will be announced on September 2nd.

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