It’s Called CHRISTMAS!

I could go on a rant about how some in our culture are trying to substitute “Happy Holidays” for “Christmas” – but sometimes artists say it so much better… I think you’ll enjoy this a lot:

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  1. And, being an passionate fan of Christmas and this time of year, I always like to point out that it was the church that basically hijacked this seasonal holiday from the mainstream world, not the other way around. Folks who blankly protest that “they are taking the Christ out of Christmas” and denounce the overcommercialization of this time of year need to do know their history first. :)

    End of personal rant.

  2. I love this song. I’ve seen it before. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  3. Tannerman – in the long view of history, you are correct, same with Easter. But when you look at American history – Christmas has been a Christian holiday in its own right. Our secular culture is not trying to return Christmas to its roots, they ARE trying to get Christ out of the December holiday season. Granted long ago it wasn’t about Jesus, but since the founding of our country it has been, something that is being denied today. That is the outrage. Why we chose the date of Dec. 25th to celebrate Christ’s birth is irrelevant at this point. The point is Christmas IS the celebration of Christ’s birth, something that is being ignored and denied. The history you are referring to takes place before there were even Prostestants, so its kinda irrelevant at this stage of history.

    Christ belongs in Christmas.

  4. AMEN! I’ve already said MERRY CHRISTmas to several people. I had one waitress tell, me thanks,because she said, “I’m not allowed to say it. ” I looked at her and said, “Hey, do you live in America?, well then say it!” Merry Christmas!

    I love GO FISH! those guys are awesome. I had the chance to meet and hang with them at a youth conference several years ago. They are solid and love Jesus!
    Should get them for KID U! They could do a sweet concert!

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