A Colonial Thanksgiving

It was a real treat to get to spend this Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, VA. I know that was last week – but after posting about leaving, arriving, meeting up with friends, and more friends, and about an awesome kids pastor, matching sweaters, and even trash cans I took a break from my computer from Wednesday through Sunday and it was wonderful to be off line for several days in a row. Now that I am caught up on the hundreds of e-mails I got behind on… I thought I’d finally post about Thanksgiving.


It was like traveling back in time! Except for all the people wearing weird clothes… referring to myself and the other tourists. I actually thought it would be an interesting idea to have an area where you had to be in period costume to get in, that would be fun. (But then the digital camera would still be a give away!)


I tied Luke to a horse post as I explained to him what it was. Seconds later, a carriage came by and the driver called out that Luke was tied where he was going to be shortly!


Luke watching the horse and carriage.


Mom and Luke in front of one of the fruit wreaths, one of Sara’s favorite things in Williamsburg.


We tried on the hats but decided a picture was less expensive than spending over $40 for two hats. I’ll wait until he is older and can enjoy the dressing up. (I can’t wait actually, it was fun seeing the little boys in hats with guns and swords strapped to their belts.)


Luke’s cousins joined us for Thanksgiving Day, but I had to sentence them to the stocks for being too sweet.


I tried to put Luke in the baby stocks, but he wasn’t too thrilled about the idea!


I enjoyed seeing the recreated buildings and imagining what life must have been like for those who forged this New World for us. But not everything was re-created.


This church has been here for a very long time… here is the sign:


I bet your church hasn’t had continual services since 1715! (wow) I’d like to get a perfect attendance button for that!


The next time we come here, I want to come with an outfit like this. There were a lot of people just walking around in period costumes. It really brought the town to life.


It made it easy to imagine you were there when our country was being born.


Even George Washington showed up and gave a stirring speech. He seemed uneffected by all the strange looking people who had traveled through time to hear him.

There was even a colonial marching band that went down the street:


I would HIGHLY recommend this as a vacation spot, especially for families with kids ages 1st – 4th grade. We will probably wait 3-4 years and then definitely be back so that we can do more with Luke.


Just me having fun with my camera.


May those at BevReviews.com be jealous!


I got to drink HISTORIC TAP WATER at lunch!


The PERFECT THANKSGIVING DINNER! (as with all images, click for a larger image!) Yes, that is turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and corn… and pizza, pretzels, mac & cheese and a rice krispie treat laced with chocolate. Best Thanksgiving Dinner ever!


We ate at the Great Wolf Lodge buffet – Sara enjoyed having no cooking and I enjoyed no clean up! And we may stay here next time, check out the indoor water park:


and this is only ONE view… it is massive!


The only bummer of the trip was saying goodbye to our nephew and niece (and their parents) who we don’t get to see often enough.


The Happy Thankful Family!

I hope you had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING too!

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  1. I am so glad that Sarah, Luke and You had such a great time and a very happy Thanksgiving in Williamsburg. I knew you would like The Great Wolf Lodge I hope Luke liked it as well?

    That is so wild that Soulja Boy stayed in the same place as you and then I blog about them. The more I learn I believe them to be more of a negative influence than a positive one.

    Happy Holidays OH I mean MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I could go on a rant about this as well. Thanks for the post!

  2. The Great Wolf Lodge! Ooo, it is amazing. Erin and I stayed at the one in Niagra Falls last year. It was a blast! There is one a few hours from here in the Wisconsin Dells that we will probably stop by next time we drive that way.

  3. Good to read about your enjoyable time. Thanks again for coming.

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