Help Me Choose My FREE CD!


I need help choosing my FREE CD that I have won… well, I haven’t exactly won it yet, but it’s only a matter of time, so I’m looking for suggestions. What album would you have your sister buy you when you won a bet?

You see, I went off Mountain Dew the day after Christmas and went 44 days without any Dew! 44 is my favorite number, so I rewarded myself with an ice cold Dew, which spilled all over the floor of my car the moment I went to sip it as I hit a pot hole! While many claimed this was a sign from God to not have any Dew, I took it as a sign that I, uh, oh, never mind. Bottom line, I was back the bottle, er can, for several busy weeks. So when I got back from CPC last week I decided to not only go Dewless again, but to go TOTALLY WITH NO POP/SODA for another 44 days. (I’m trying to lose weight and get in shape for Yosemite Summit)

Knowing my sister has been on a diet I invited her to join me for some local accountability. (She lives a few house down from me) Later I get a phone message that she has “accepted my wager” and wanted to know what “I would bet!” Yikes! I didn’t know I was inviting a competition – but I accepted and we agreed that the first one, under oath before Gawwwwd, to drink ANY kind of soda/pop would have to buy the other person a CD of their choice. (value not to exceed $15)

So that brings my to my question, since I AM GOING TO WIN (of course!) what CD should I make my sister buy me? Your suggestions are welcome!

UP-DATE: Well, I made my goal of going ALL SODA FREE until Yosemite Summit. I lost 34 pounds and ironically (and sadly) I no longer even like Mountain Dew. (NOT the desired outcome) I released my sister from the bet (sounds better than saying I lost) but she is still going strong, I’m proud of her! You can read here gloating here.

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  1. Depends. What type music are you into?

  2. Gotta get the Juno Movie Soundtrack!

  3. If you are looking for a Christian CD…my favorite is “Testimony” by Neal Morse. This is not your average Christian album…the musical styles are challenging. It’s an amazing album.

  4. Passion Worship Band – God of this City
    David Crowder Band – Remedy

    Both CD’s are amazing.

  5. Micheal Gungor!! All I need is Here!


    Jon Forman – Fall and Winter.

    Those are my current favorites!

  6. My favorite music is Christian worship and movie sound tracks… keep the suggestions coming! thanks! I’ll let you know which CD my sister ends up buying me. :)

  7. Excuse me everyone, he hasn’t won yet. Maybe you should go to and read my blogpost. I have been off Dr. Pepper for years and have only been drinking Diet Coke. Karl has more of a mountain to climb as he is addicted to the dew and doesn’t like most alternative drinks. aka water etc.

    What CD should I get? Any suggestions?

    Game on Big Brother.

  8. Andrew Peterson’s “Far Country” is awsome! It’s from a couple years ago, but it’s great.

  9. I’ll second Ty’s vote for Andrew Peterson’s “Far Country”! Indeed it is AWESOME!

  10. Definitely Newsboys “Go” or Jeremy Camp’s “Restored Deluxe Gold Edition” or Toby Mac’s “Momentum” or Delirious’ “Cutting Edge” or Audio Adrenaline “Don’t Censor Me” or … maybe you should decide. It’s too hard. There is so much great stuff out there!!! You can do this thing cuz “You’re da man!”

  11. I just ordered Newsboys GO yesterday online – has some great songs, and some pretty weird ones. Not my favorite Newsboys album. I usually like every one better than the last one, this will be an exception, though I do like most of it.

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