Newt on How To Lower Gas Prices

Finally someone talking sense about the rising gas prices. What you hear on the news is so distorted it borders on lies. I’ll resist the urge to rant on the real reasons for why gas prices are going up so high.

Watch this video, Newt’s got a smart plan that actually makes sense:

There is a follow up one here:

He mentions over 25,000 signers, it is now over 1.2 million. Americans are tired of the backwards thinking that is control

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  1. amen! amen! amen! AMEN!
    Wow, it drives me crazy what our “elected officials” are doing! They waste their time on pork and fluff, and don’t have the guts to take a real stand against OPEC, so come on AMERICA wake up!
    Thanks for sharing this Karl, I signed up today! going to be emailing links to family and friends too!

  2. I featured this on my blog a couple fo weeks ago. Please sign the petition. We can drill and keep our environment safe!

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