A Starbucks for Kidology?

Oh faithful readers, you heard it here first on my blog! We often have people ask how they can help Kidology when they don’t think they can do much. Well, a lot of little helps make HUGE help and we need your help for some advancements we are eager to do on the site. So let me introduce you to a FUNd Raiser we are launching this week for this fall:

Kidology’s “This One’s On Me” fundraiser is a way to support one of your favorite children’s ministry websites with small donations that otherwise may seem insignificant. To make it fun, you can choose to “buy” the equivalent of many every day products as your donation. The catch? You’ll get nothing in the mail, but will receive our heartfelt thanks and a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year!

If you’ve ever treated a friend to lunch or picked up the tab for a colleague’s Mocha Frappucino latte with whipped cream, then you know the joy a small gift can bring and the satisfaction from giving it. Here at Kidology we consider you a friend of our ministry and enjoy giving you the tools, resources, and ideas you need to be effective in your ministry to children.

We’d like to give you a fun opportunity to give back to a site you love! As a non-profit ministry we are dependent on donations to underwrite the costs of this extensive high-traffic site. Keeping our membership fees low means we need those who benefit from the site to help cover the expenses that memberships and product sales can’t cover alone. Plus, it may surprise you that a large number of members pay nothing due to being a student, an overseas missionary, or part of a Group Membership.

So ask yourself, what would you be willing to give for Kidology? A Starbucks drink? An ice cold Mountain Dew? Perhaps just a candy bar or a new pair of shoes? We’ve created a fun “This One’s On Me” section in our store to help you give symbolic ‘gifts’ to Kidology ranging from a $0.99 iTunes song to a brand new Lexus or Lear Jet.

While we are a very small ministry, using conservative estimates, Kidology.org impacts well over a million children each and every month as over 10,000 unique visitors come each and every day to find ideas, soak up encouragement, and shop our helpful resources. As we look to enhancing the site we often wonder, “What if every visitor gave just a small $1-5 donation (or more)?” The impact on our ministry and the Kingdom would be significant.

So shop the “This One’s On Me” section and pick something that you’d like to give to Kidology. We’ll send you our utmost appreciation and continue to invest in making Kidology.org even more helpful to your ministry!

Shop the “This One’s On Me” Store!

And give us a little help TODAY that will go a LONG WAY! Thanks in advance!

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