Karl Goes To Train En Espanol

Attention: If you live in California and speak Spanish, then this post is for you! I’ll be going West November 1st to speak at NINOMANIA, a Spanish Conference at the Crystal Cathedral at the invitation of Noel Ascencio, one of our Kidology Spanish trainers. (See Spanish Tract at Kid U in October)

(full size poster, 1.4mb)

Espero a hasta la vista allí. Tendremos buen tiempo y aprenderemos mucho. Soy muy feliz ser un participante en este acontecimiento. ¡Hasta la vista allí! (I sure hope I said that right!)


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One Comment:

  1. Espero verte pronto mi Amigo Karl. Sera un buen tiempo. if you are in the area anda have spanish ministries, this is the good opotunity to bring thems. Los esperamos.
    See you at Kidology in October my Friend Karl. Muchas Gracias.

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