My Last Sunday…

Well, hopefully not MY LAST Sunday (on earth), but today is my last Sunday at Village Church until the END OF MAY!!! I will be on sabbatical, traveling from Chicago to Ohio to Washington down the coast through Oregon and Northern California to San Fransico and ending up in Yosemite before flying home and then after Star Wars III will be off for one more trip to Michigan and concluding with a long anticipated trip to Cedar Point! I’m going to miss being ‘on the job’ but with my new Treo 600 I will be connected throughout and able to get my laptop online to post here. I will post here as much as possible, and will be looking forward to COMMENTS posted here so I know I’m actually missed!!

While I am excited about the Adventures planned (some really cool plans are in the works) I am also finding that it is really hard to leave – and most of all – hard to leave the KIDS I get to see and enjoy every week at church. I may only get to see them for a few hours a week, but they are the BEST hours of the week!!

But I’ve left the place in good hands…

My K.C. Krew….
no, they aren’t a bunch of blockheads!

They are the highlight of my ministry!

We are doing a Rescue 911 Unit while I’m away, let’s hope the church doesn’t burn down! Actually, the church is on fire, well, a picture of it…

The kids will be making firetrucks (one part each week) that will be racing toward the church to save it! Here are a few window close ups:

Anyway, things are looking to go well while I’m away… but I still wish I could do BOTH!
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