The People of Kid U!

This is the first of a series on our Kid U 2008 Celebration Conference. (next)

The greatest highlight of Kid U is the PEOPLE who come. As one of our feedback forms said:

Coming to the Kidology University was like coming to a family reunion even though it was my first time attending. I will be back! – Heather Marshall

There is just something unique about the feel of a Kid U, and it’s hard to describe – you have to experience it. One example would be how Josh Kornberg became a highlight of the conference.

Who is Josh? Well, according to children’s pastor Kenny Conley who Twittered me that the following:

Karl, I’m sending an ambassador in my name to meet you at Kidology U. His name is Josh Kornberg. He’s 18 and he was a summer intern for me this summer, was a kid in my ministry many moons ago. And believe me, he WILL be making a mark in this world in the area of Children’s Ministry… someone to keep an eye on. Do me a favor though. When he introduces himself (Josh Kornberg) can you make a big deal out of it? You and Kidology are a big deal to him. Thanks!

Kidology is all about encouraging those who are just beginning to minister to kids and who are passionate about it! So when I met Josh, I announced to the entire lunch and exhibit hall, “Ladies and Gentleman, this is Josh Kornberg, and I have it on good authority that he is a young man to keep an eye on, one who is going to make a difference in the world for kids!”

Then, every time I saw him, I had everyone clap for him! I even started chants, “Give me a J! Give me an O!” etc. It was fun to see his reaction. He was one of the stars of Kid U, and even got some special attention during the Kidz Blitz event when he accidently let a donut fall on the floor. This is how he was punished:

We were excited to have people from all over the United States at this event – more than ever before as we marketed nationwide for this 10th annual event. But we were especially excited to have a few international attendees as well who came for the entire event, Wednesday Celebration Banquet through Saturday!

Here I am with Scheila Avellar from Brazil!

and Michelle Strasser from Switzerland! She even brought me some Swiss Chocolate and the first few chapters of The Order of the Ancient which she is translating into German for me!

While I was disappointed that former CP Team member Frank Tan was unable to come to Kid U, I was excited to meet his team that he sent all the way from Oregon in his place! Hey, if you can’t come to Kid U, the next best thing is to send your team! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever known a CP to send the team even when they couldn’t come themself. What a gift!

Another person that added a wonderful spirit to Kid U was Alan Root. Alan is a guy I’ve seen around children’s ministry conferences for years but never had the chance to get to know. Boy, have I been missing out! Here is a guy who loves the Lord, loves kids, and his positive and fun outlook on life just rubs off on everyone who comes near. We will definitely be having him back at future Kidology events! I think I finally met someone as good at puns as my dad… almost.

I can’t even share all the snap shots that I’m enjoying going through now that Kid U is over. And while I’ll be blogging more pictures and more details from this historic Kid U event, I had to START by telling you about some of the PEOPLE who attended. No matter how great the trainers are, no matter how exciting the performers are, no matter how helpful the exhibitors are, it is the PEOPLE WHO ATTEND Kid U that make it such a wonderful event. If you have never been to a Kid U, you truly are missing out!

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  1. It looks fun and I am eager to keep reading more updates. Thanks for allowing some of the service time to go live.

  2. Josh getting poofed was my favorite part of Kidz Blitz Live! I was still laughing about that on the way home from Kid U…hehe…I am laughing about it again after watching that video!

  3. Kim, wait until the Kidz Blitz video of YOU goes live. We’ll all be laughing then. :o)

  4. Karl thanks for the pics it is nice to see it was such a great event. I look forward to the next one but hope I don’t have to wait another 10 years – how about a 15 year bash?

  5. Thanks for mentioning our team from Village Baptist (Oregon). They had a great time and I’m looking forward to a report from them this Thursday on their time at Kid-U.

  6. LOVE IT! I just talked to Josh on the phone today to hear about his experience and I CRACKED UP! I wish I could have been there to see it… glad for the photos and video though. Not only was he my intern for the summer, but he lived in our guest room, mowed my lawn (his own choice) and baby sat my little boy one night so the wife and I could get out for a few hours.

    Karl, thanks for making a big deal of it. He’s got a bright future ahead of him and kids from around the world will be better off because of it!

  7. Thank you so much for a great time! When I got home I introduced my kids, Jake age 11 and Ellie age 7 to Toybox Tales. They loved it! I can hardly wait to share them with my nieces and nephews. What a great way to get the word of God out to kids.

  8. Everyone told me it was the facial expression that was the best part about me getting poofed. I tend to disagree, I think it is funny because I got hit in the face with a bunch of flour!!! Kid U was awesome, THANKS!

  9. Thanks for all your hard work! I had such a great time there!

  10. Karl,
    Josh getting poofed was my favorite moment at Kid U – though I had many close seconds. The whole conference was such and encouragement and important time of learning and evaluation.
    I came home with many valuable resources, the only thing I am missing is a gigantic powder puff…in case Josh needs another poofing!

  11. Karl,
    It was an awesome conference! Thank you for all your hard work in putting it together.
    The poofing was enjoyable, but making new friends was awesome!
    I must admit that someone on my team here is doing the translating of your book. My German still needs a bit more perfecting :-)

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