When Men Cook

Well, I decided to bless my wife by cooking the Kid U Post-Conference Pizza Outing Left Overs last night… it was good stuff, Gino’s East if you’re curious. Deep dish pepperoni pizza to be exact, and there was some left over to take home to my wife who missed the late night dinner due to getting our little boy to bed.

I could swear (though I don’t) that she said, “Just put it in the oven at 350, it will heat up better than in the microwave.” I was a little surprised, thinking she meant just put the box in, so I answered, “Really? Just put it in the oven?” She replied, “Yes.”

So I did. I set the timer for 20 minutes but about 15 into it the kitchen smelled of smoke. I was on the phone with my dad giving Kid U highlights when my wife comes in crying, “Did you put the BOX in the oven?!?!?”

I said “Yes, just like you told me too.” Turns out it was on fire!

The fire was quickly put out, and after all the excitement, the pizza was fine, though it definitely had that “smoked” flavor! Please tell me we aren’t the only couple with communication problems.

The lesson learned? Best to just let the wife prepare the food and I’ll stick to clean up duty!

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  1. Oh my!

    Sara, I’m so sorry…

  2. Actually, our children’s ministry team will not allow me to prepare pizza anymore, since I practically incinerated several during a dinner meeting.

    As for communication problems, 26 years married you be and communication problems have you, hmmmm (sorry…don’t do Yoda as well as Karl!)

  3. Sorry I had to laugh for a whole minute. This is an awesome story. I have to share it to my 3 year old son to prepare for his future wife.

  4. Good thing you told us it was from Gino’s East. It is sort of hard to read it on the box! :)

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