POOF! A New Laflin!

Well, maybe not ‘Poof,’ but David and Teesha are excited about the new Laflin scheduled to join their family some time in April. (I took a picture of her tummy but she didn’t want me to post it)


But they DO have something new at CPC! A brand new magic training DVD called “ILLUSIONS You Can Make.” Soon to be available on Kidology with their other DVDs, but you can always visit www.davidandteesha.com for info on their resources, services and to subscribe their AWESOME newsletter which often has a complete illusion and lesson you can do yourself!


Besides providing wonderful performing resources, David and Teesha are available to bring a fantastic program to your church or event. We have featured them many times at Kidology University.

Congrats on Mini-Laflin coming soon!

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  1. How wonderful for them that a new Laflin is coming. They are a great couple and this is a great blessing, especially for the grandparents. I know I have seven and one more on the way. It is really hard describe just how special that is for me. I am sure the grandparents will be sounding the trumpets!

  2. Congratulations to the Laflins. I finally had a chance to go by their booth and pick up their latest DVD, plus some other previous ones. Actually, I planned to spend only $12 for one DVD, but ended up spending 7x as much. It was well worth it though.

  3. Karl –
    If you see the Laflin’s again, tell them something’s up with their website. I think it’s been hacked.

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