GO FISH! loaded me up with copies of ALL their CDs and DVD to give away to blog readers!


How do you win?? Simple comment on any CPC post (preferably something of substance about that articular post!) and every comment will be another entry! You may have as many entries as I make posts about CPC Nashville 2009.


Go Fish! is an AWESOME band that offers music that kids will love and that won’t drive parents crazy! My son LOVES them! Plus, I made a video of the song Little Buckaroo that I use almost every night to put him to sleep as we cuddle at bedtime. (watching it on my iPhone)

If you have not heard Go Fish! you are missing out!


If you like their music, you’ll LOVE their VBS that is based on their music and it focused on the Gospel message.

Check ’em out at or just comment to win! I’ll even pay the shipping!

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  1. Hi Pastor Karl-
    Are you going to be doing the GO Fish giveaway in California too?
    I hope I get a chance to say HI to you there!

  2. I heard the Go Fish guys for the first time at last year’s San Diego CPC. I am always amazed when I discover a group is singing acapella, especially when I thought there was a full accompaniment the whole time. Go Fish is really that good.

  3. I am really excited about all the new music coming out. Esprecially all the youth coming out through Disney, like ”Mission 6”. Excited to hear Go Fish.

  4. The Go Fish group is fantastic! I was introduced to them through MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) when they partnered with us one year. My kids loved the CD we got. I personally appreciate their MOM Song and have it on our groups facebook. They are a fun group for the kids and the moms and dads.

  5. I have heard of this group but I have not yet had the priviledge to hear or see them perform. I love that they share their talents to lead children to Jesus. How cool is that.

  6. I am totally unaware of this group. I could use an introduction. They sing acapella? How could I need a sample….please!

  7. Hey Barney, If you go to their website they have samples online. They sound great! I love that they have preschool music too!

  8. I’m right here in Nashville. So, Karl, if you choose me as a winner, you won’t have to mail it & pay for postage. I do like Go Fish when I first heard it a few years ago. I wondered though whether they would have longevity, so this is a nice surprise that they’re continuing to use their talents in this way. There are few like them.

  9. i’m in Nashville too! I love Go Fish, have the “OLD” cd’s from when they sang “grown-up” music, but don’t have any of their kids stuff, YET!
    I wish they could have sang more than one song! They have a great testimony.
    And like Frank, If I win, you can save shipping! LOL!

  10. I just “discovered” Go Fish while surfing God Tube! I would LOVE to have one of their CD’s and DVD’s because I don’t think the parents at my church are even AWARE they exist either (Where have we been?) Really, we’re small town…BUT, instead of our preschoolers listening to High School Musical 3…wouldn’t this be sooooo much better???? If only I had one of their DVD’s and CD’s it would be possible. Have I convinced you yet?

  11. Go Fish is Awesome! As a parent of young adults, our kids listened to Go Fish in their younger years. I love that they’re focusing on music for younger kids as these are the kids that just love them. We use the music for Awana game time, sort of a variation on musical chairs without the chairs. The kids just love the music.

  12. Werner Morgenstern

    I love the Go Fish Guys. First time I heard of them, was in Grand Rapids, MI, where we went to one of their concerts.
    My daughter loves them, especially the Snow CD (their Christmas Music). We always have to play it in the car over Christmas.

    I would love to see them in concert again, as they are awesome in concert.

  13. I loved seeing Go Fish at CPC last year. But, alas, couldn’t afford to come this year. Karl, do you know if INCM ever plans to do some CPC live streaming of main sessions, perhaps on a subscription basis, for those of us who can’t always make it?
    I hope this post wins me some GO FISH – I ain’t got none….

  14. I just listened to these guy’s for the first time today. My 9 year old son was standing there listening right along, and we both thought they were great. Current and contemporary music for this generation of kids!

  15. GO FISH is absolutely the greatest – not only for kids but for adults as well. Our Church had a “DVD” KidsKoncert and as the entrance (we charge no money) each guests was asked to bring a canned good for our local food bank. We advertised in our local little newspaper and received approval by GO FISH to have our little DVD concert as long as we did not charge a fee. It worked out great and we got LOADS of canned goods for the homeless and hungry of West Haven, Connecticut. So, they are some great young men and doing God’s work through many people and many churches. God bless y’all – Love Nanci Martin

  16. Hey there, Karl! I was just listening to Go Fish tonight at our CE Director’s house. I was there updating her on all the wonderful things I learned and experienced at CPC. We’re actually working on combining with other churches in our area and seeing if we can get Go Fish to come and do a concert! They totally rock! Again, it was great meeting you at CPC! I really enjoyed the networking time we all had. Even though I was up entirely too late! Haha!

  17. Hey there, Pastor Karl!

    I’ve only heard of GO FISH recently (children’s ministry noob). But what a fantastic group! I didn’t even know that they had a VBS curriculum until I read it here. I’m looking forward to checking them out. It might help us stand out as a church who offers a VBS program that is completely unique (but still Biblically solid) than the usual offerings. Thanks for always showing beginners like me wonderful resources and leadership stuff. :)

  18. I really, really, really, really, really want the free stuff. Pretty please????? :)

  19. I took my girls to see “Go Fish” a couple years back. As a couple of pre-teen girls, they really enjoyed the show. They were a little ‘shy’ about participating in the actions during the show, but at home, they loved listening to the songs. They’re fun and upbeat, and have a great message. Their absolute favorite is “Christmas with a Capital C”. Good stuff.

  20. I LOVE GO FISH!! I have followed their music since before they were doing kids’ music…and all acapella! I love their changes along the way, and its great that their doing stuff for our little ones now! (First concert I saw them in was in a smaller church in Oconomowoc, WI with my son who was about 8…now he’s almost 18!!)

  21. THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED BY E-MAIL ON HOW TO CLAIM THERE PRIZE! Their names are: Tammie, Timothy, Tim, Ken & Judy, Laura and Tricia.


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