Baptism Like Being a Bronco Fan? Really!

Today I was guest teaching at a local church – and it happened to be the divisional play off game between the Broncos and the Chargers… which the Bronocos ended up winning later in the afternoon 24-17, though I didn’t know that when I was teaching!


Bronco Gear! (The football is from last AFC Championship, on other side.)

My topic was John’s baptism of Jesus – I explained that sports “fans” originated from religious “fanatics” and  I compared how a fanatic, in the words of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, is “someone can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” We stick with a team, often even after moving, because we are loyal, and sports fans often “won’t stop talking about them.” What if it were that way with our devotion to Jesus? We were sports gear to show our team spirit, what do we do to show our “Jesus spirit?” Of course, we can wear Christian t-shirts or put bumper stickers on our cars, but God came up with something better. It’s called Baptism.

Below is a video of the lesson, and my lesson plan is linked below. The only thing not in the lesson plan is the magic appearing/disappearing dove and much of my puppet routine, but the basics of the lesson is there.

Here is the lesson summary I go over in the video, as it isn’t easy to make out in the video: (It is explained in the video)


Lesson Points the kids memorized

Enjoy the video. Not only can you enjoy the lesson, but it can be used as a training on teaching techniques and crowd control. It was a fun lesson and I enjoyed tying in the current events of the day into the topic I was asked to teach on.

(I updated the video with one where I integrated the two services, which is why the audience changes!)

Whenever possible, it is always best to take what could be a distraction (everyone wearing orange and being excited about a football game after church) and turn it into part of your lesson in order to engage your audience rather than compete with the distraction.

Here is a download to the lesson plan: The Baptism of Jesus by John and Being a Fan!


More importantly, GO GOD!


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