NEWS FLASH: Baby Luke Does the Dew Too!

Baby Luke has received many presents from family and friends, but I think his favorite was when his Aunt Barbara brought him a stuffed lion, a musical lamb that plays “Jesus Loves Me” and a six pack of baby sized Mountain Dew cans!

Did you know that standard bottle nipples will snap onto the top of a soda can?

You may not realize this, but Mountain Dew is actually a health drink! It is loaded with good stuff that every growing boy needs Have you ever LOOKED at the ingredients of Mountain Dew? They are really missing the health nut market… just look at this list of ingredients found in every can of Mountain Dew:

Dew Ingredients: Water, Corn, Orange Juice, ‘other natural flavors’, citric, stuff to ‘preserve freshness’, calcium and vegatable. Every single one of these is healthy for you!

The Good Stuff!

Luke took to his new formula quickly! He seems to just LOVE the stuff! Though, it does keep him up for hours, but then….. oh yyyyyyeah…. he sleeps all through the night!

Baby’s first Mountain Dew! Oh yyyyyyyyyeah, Dude!

Ah sleeping like a baby. Oh, he IS a baby!

TODAY WAS: Take your baby to work day.

The pictures say it all…..

What a CUTE Kid!

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  1. Dear Karl: As Luke’s compassionate grandfather, I must object to subjecting dear Lucas to appear in an unpaid advertisement for such an unhealthy product. While he may not object, think to the 1000’s of mothers who will suffer untold agony because of their children who be be addicted to Dew do to a Dewting Father.

    Your Dad

  2. You are so funny. Knowing that baby bottle nipples fit on Dew cans gives me another option for the game of baby bottle drinking contest. The kids will love to know your new and now my new knowledge.

    I say thanks and so do the Take TWO kids here at JCC.

  3. In that last picture he looks a little buzzed from all that caffeine. You need to give him Dr. Pepper too, so he can decide which one he likes better.

    I’m a Pepper, Luke’s a Pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too. Dr. Pepper, drink Dr. Pepper.

    I’m thirsty all of the sudden.

  4. Where’s Sara???!!! Does she know this is going on? Us Moms have to keep a close eye on you Dads. My dear hubby has my now 2-year-old asking for Coke every day. Sigh! :-) Cute pics!

  5. I’m here. And I’m a protective momma, I was present and even took some of the pics of Luke with the Dew can…and let me assure you Kim, Dad, Melissa and other nice concerned people…the can was not open, in fact it’s sitting on a shelf in the baby’s room with the nipple still on it. Just a cute little prop in his room. So far all the sweet boy has had to eat is formula. Pretty boring…but somehow he’s getting chubby. But we had a fun laugh after Aunt Barbara gave Luke his 6 pack of baby Dew…hopefully he won’t be asking for Dew when he’s 2…or 3 or even 4!

  6. I showed my six-year-old son Nathan the picture of Luke and his Dew bottle.

    “That’s caffeine.”

    “Is there Mountain Dew inside of that can?” Yes

    “That’s crazy.”

    I’m still wondering if Nathan will ask for caffeinated soda from now on.

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