Karl’s Novel FINALLY On Sale!

INTRODUCING… www.orderoftheancient.com Well, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… I hope! My novel is now at the printer and will be in print by the end of November! (hopoefully sooner) We have opened up advance sales so that those eager to get their hands on it, can! For complete details visit the SPECIAL OFFER on Kidology.org, or check out the OrderoftheAncient website! This is a GREAT DEAL – free shipping and a great low price for ten copies, PLUS a FREE signed copy, for a total of 11 copies at one low low price. This will greatly help us offset the initial printing cost, so we will appreciate and celebrate every order! Post your feedback on the book and/or website as well, and it may get included in some marketing materials. (Your chance to be famous!) Looking forward to hearing from y’all.


Yes, I DID go out and buy me a WHITE SOX SHIRT yesterday! Couldn’t watch the final game with nothing White Sox on!!! It was a very intense game! A battle of the pitchers. My favorite WS stat was this, WAIT! I will make it a quiz, and see who is the first to post the answer in the COMMENTS! You MIGHT even win a prize!! Q: What White Sox Player became the FIRST baseball player IN HISTORY to win TWO World Series Games on the same day AND on his birthday??? (same day because Game Three went into the 14th inning and into the morning hours) Finally, THEY WON! This is me with the family I watched the game with. (Not pictured is Sara, who isn’t a baseball nut like the rest of us.) Did I convert to being a White Sox Fan and desert my Cubbies? Nope. I decided to have an AL favorite team and an NL favorite team. Now all I have to figure out is which team is in which league. (See what a serious baseball fan I am?) All I’m wondering is, when the Astros lost, did they all go in the clubhouse and …

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Do you pour?

BASEBALL ALERT: Many baseball players have been caught using a performance enhancing substance… You have GOT to watch these GOT MILK videos! I guess baseball is kinda mad about them, but they are VERY funny!! WATCH THEM ALL HERE If you can find where to be able to download them, let me know, on this site you can only stream them, but they play very well.

Cubs Fan, or Sox Fan? THAT is the Question?

I am seriously contemplating changing from a CUBS fan, to a SOX fan. Yeah, yeah, I know… fair weather fan! BUT, I’m not saying i will change just for the World Series… if i switch, i SWITCH! (like with my Mac Switch) I’ve been asking myself, WHY am i a Cubs fan??? Well, good question. Mostly because my grandfather was and took me to games as a little kid, BUT he usually took me when they played California teams (since i was visiting from CA when we went) and I cheered for the opposing team much to his frustration. Secondly, because, my little brother Jordan Bastian is a HUGE Cubs fan, and I like to support my brother. But last weekend at my Grandma’s 90’s birthday party, there was my brother wearing a SOX cap!!! (these shirts were father’s day and bro birthday gifts from Sara and me) So, I asked myself, if it wasn’t for my Grandpa and my traitor brother, WHY would I be a Cubs fan??? If I were to pick a team on my own, not being a huge baseball fan, I’d probably pick the Sox. WHY? Because they wear black and white, which is very …

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Seein’ Double?

Tonight was “TWINS NIGHT” at our Awana Club. Many of you may not know that I have a twin brother, Kurt, but since it was ‘twins night’ I invited him to come to Awana. We wore matching shirts to add to the fun. The only problem was, that throughout the night, we never got to meet. I kept looking for him, visiting all the rooms over and over, and reportedly, Kurt did the same. The kids could tell us apart because, of course, I was drinkin’ Dew whereas Kurt had a McDonald’s Coke, and Kurt wears glasses. (Claimed he is the smarter of the pair.) Because we never were in the same room at the same time, the clubbers started to accuse me of pretending to have a twin brother! (can you believe that!?) So at the end of the night, when I finally found him, we posed for a picture with our Commander’s daughter to prove we both were there! Here is me, Natalie, and Kurt on Twins Night at Awana. He may be smarter, but he definitely isn’t the good lookin’ one.

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