Knight Night at Awana

Last Tuesday was Royalty Knight, er, Night, at our Awana club! I had fun dressing as Sir. Drinkdewalot. (second counsin to Sir Lancelot, who I explained was a wimp)

I told my story “The Day the King Unlocked the Gate” to each club (to be posted with book and powerpoint later on Kidology – too busy today) – and then Knighted the clubbers as Jr. Knights to go into all the world telling others about the King of Kings, King Jesus.

I thought I might take home a new maiden as a wife, so I proposed…but when she refused….

I showed how knights got wives in the olden’ days. :) Pick one and take her home! :) (Fear not, the fair maiden escaped!) It was a fun evening, or should I say, it was a Royal Blast!

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  1. i like your blog. it is fun to go to!

  2. These pictures are soo great! What a fun night it was…all the girls loved the opportunity to dress up like princesses…we had a church filled with the sweetest cuties!

  3. That’s shield is a LEGO product, right? I recognize the Knight’s Kingdom logo. :)

  4. LEGO? Yes, as was the helmet, and about 5 sizes tooooo small. (cut off circulation to the brain all evening, which I could use as a defense if i get in trouble for carrying off children)

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